Ukraine Crisis
US estimates: "Short window of opportunity to prevent Russian invasion of Ukraine"

The United States has warned its European allies that there is still a small window of opportunity to prevent Russia from taking military action against Ukraine, the New York Times reported Saturday night in the New York Times. 

Due to this concern, based on Russia's large concentration of forces within Ukraine's borders, the West began to formulate a package of economic and military measures designed to deter Moscow.

According to US sources, Russia has not yet made a decision on its next move, but its concentration of forces has been taken seriously and Washington does not think it is a show. The head of the United States intelligence service, Avril Haynes, traveled to Brussels this week to brief NATO ambassadors on the United States' intelligence information on the situation and potential Russian military action. The immediate issue in the talks was the fear of a Russian attack.

The United States has also shared the information it has with Ukraine. Yesterday, the chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Millie, spoke with the Commander of the Ukrainian Army about Russia's "alarming activity in the region," according to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

U.S. and British intelligence sources are increasingly convinced that Russian President Vladimir Putin is considering military action to take over more territory from Ukraine, or to destabilize the country so that a more pro-Russian government is formed.

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