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Hamas opposes a long-term truce with Israel - Why?

According to Hamas sources, a delegation from the organization will soon travel to Egypt to discuss with Egyptian intelligence a document detailing its views on the various marriages, but some details of the document about Hamas' positions are already known:

Hamas opposes a long-term truce with Israel and an end to terrorist activities against it.

A document passed to Egypt states that "resistance is a fixed principle and will never change under any circumstances."

The prisoner exchange deal with Israel-Hamas offers a two-stage prisoner exchange deal with Israel, according to a Hamas document, according to a report by the Lebanese Al-Mayadin channel, which serves as the organization's mouthpiece. In the first phase, the release of 700 security prisoners, including women, in exchange for the release of the two Israeli citizens, Abra Mengistu and Sham a-Sayed, who are being held captive by Hamas. 

The prisoners who will be released will be sick prisoners, women and minors, Hamas MPs detained in Israel and many terrorists: Marwan Barghouti, Ahmad Saadat and Fuad a-Shubaki. And the release of older security prisoners when the criterion for this is age 55 and over. If Israel agrees to the deal, it will be beyond the second stage, during which negotiations will take place for the release of two IDF soldiers, Hadar Goldin and Shaul Oron, and information will be provided about their situation.

Achieving reconciliation and ending the Palestinian internal division in several stages:

- All factions and national personalities.

- If it is not possible to hold elections, there will be national agreement on the establishment of a temporary national leadership for a limited period, as a step beyond training the atmosphere for general elections.

- Achieving agreement on a national strategy for the current stage, agreement on a political plan acceptable to all.
Agreement on mechanisms of action: resumption of discussions from the point where they were stopped in the last round of dialogue (in Cairo), elections to the Palestinian parliament, presidency and national council, led by elections in East Jerusalem.

It will be recalled that the Palestinian elections were supposed to take place in three stages, starting last May, when the parliamentary elections were supposed to take place, but the PA chairman canceled the elections on the grounds that Israel does not allow East Jerusalem residents to participate.

Hamas carried out orderly staff work and submitted a consolidated position paper to Egyptian intelligence, according to which it is supposed to mediate between Hamas and Israel and try to bridge the gaps between Hamas and Fatah. 

In fact, the positions that appear in the Hamas document are well-known and rigid positions of the organization, on the basis of which it is very doubtful whether it will be possible to advance agreements with either Israel or the PA. 

But Egypt does not give up, Between Israel and Hamas and as a mediator between Hamas and the PA. President al-Sisi is making a supreme effort to show President Biden that Egypt is an important factor working to prevent the resumption of acts of violence and to maintain regional stability.

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Robert Mcmaster 17:43 05.12.2021
Heres truth, Hsmas palastineans lay down weapons and have peace, Israel lay down weapons, there's no more Israel, Love for The Jewish Homeland Israel the only real truth
Tony Pettitt 17:21 05.12.2021
So Hamas rejects a long term agreement with Israel so what’s new about that any idiot would have told you that. All they want is no Jew on earth
darrel snider 16:37 05.12.2021
Time for Egypt kill hamas leaders
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