‘Hezbollah Will Pay’: IDF Commander Vows to Punish Hezbollah

Hezbollah has been accelerating its construction of military infrastructure along the Israel-Lebanon border, prompting an IDF general to vow Israel will “reduce it to nothing” on Tuesday.

“Recently, Hezbollah has intensified construction on its posts right here along the border,” said Maj. Gen. Amir Baram, the head of the IDF’s Northern Command.

“We can see the operatives approaching the border area. We know them: their names, where they come from and where they are working. When the time comes, they will pay the price.”

Photo: Lebanese soldiers and a Hezbollah operative (L) seen on a watch tower by the border wall near Rosh Hanikra. (Basel Awidat/Flash90

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pflip521 23:58 08.06.2022
Good sniper targets standing on that tower. G_D will always protect Israel.
Michael Sosne 23:31 08.06.2022
AGAIN and AGAIN I have said FO NOT!!. Screw with the IDF STRENGTH and ACTION FOREVER
Nissanah Giorgi-Gatlin 21:31 08.06.2022
They need to understand Israel is the Apple of His Eye.
Jeane Frady 19:36 08.06.2022
They still haven’t learned not to mess with God’s chosen people. 🙏🙏🙏🇮🇱🇮🇱
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