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Video: Let's Talk About Why You're Silent About Antisemitism

Powerful speech by i24 News anchor Natasha Kirtchuk about the rising wave of anti-Semitism across the world.


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Moshe Moses 04:21 26.12.2021
Jew haters, use Jews scapegoat for worlds ills, regards Israel & Palestinians, Pallys don't exist in history, Roman name,all Israel belongs to Israel & Jewish people, G-d given Read Hebrew bible.
Linda Erhardt 03:33 26.12.2021
This is a spiritual fight. Israel is GODS chosen and the apple of HIS eye. I love Israel and pray for Israel always.
Michael Sosne 02:08 26.12.2021
I lost 2 aunts in aushwitz. Do you really think I have been, are now and will be silent. Bring back the JDL
Michael Sosne 02:06 26.12.2021
I have NEVER been silent even when I got beat up by 8 " christians". I then kicked each ones ass one at a time. This JEWISH man doesn't take crap in silence from any anti semit. It was in highschool
Edna Purcell-Diaz 17:06 28.05.2021
USA Jews have the blessings of HaShem to ARISE & TEACH us Torah! Instead, gentile groups r forming 2 teach us Torah as they learn from yeshiva or rabbi’s teaching them. We ❤️ Israel & Torah🙏🏼
Paul Durocher 14:59 28.05.2021
Offsetting the lies and deception with the truths will hopefully lead to the end of all anti-semitism.
Nick Horsky 11:38 28.05.2021
The left are sheep trained to hate and do whatever they are told. NAZI thinking has returned!
11:36 28.05.2021
If you know God and His Word, you will stand for the truth. You will stand with Israel. If you don’t know God and His Word, you will be against Israel.
darrel snider 10:22 28.05.2021
No one will be able to take out Israel cause God is with all.
Darlene Hoskins 09:16 28.05.2021
The Jewish people are God's chosen people.
04:36 28.05.2021
I just shared this on Facebook. People need to hear this. I absolutely stand with and for the Jewish people, and I go to my synagogue every Shabbat. I am a gentile.
04:27 28.05.2021
Very good question .. why are they silent.. must have something to hide !
Gigi 04:25 28.05.2021
The Left in America has been taken over by the Demonic. They serve the Devil. God will not allow America nor Israel to fall. He is waking the Nations up to do a mighty work.
Wanda Dunnagan 04:21 28.05.2021
If you believe in God‘s word the Jewish people are gods chosen people every Christian needs to stand up for our Jewish friends amen believe Christian
Cool Girl 04:14 28.05.2021
Liberal jews uncontrolled left is the one supporting and funding radical Islamic beheaders
Susan Medrano 03:04 28.05.2021
That's right! For the rest who can speak publicly, why r u silent? Shalom!