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Biden Considering Anti-Israel Activist Susie Gelman for Ambassador to Israel

Gelman described Israel’s Independence Day as “Nakba Day”

Ambassadors to Israel tend to be hostile to Israel because they either come out of the State Department’s Middle Eastern professional class or worse, Democrat donors and apparatchiks who are “interested” in Israel.

Outgoing Ambassador Thomas Nides was an odious example of this, but the Biden administration is looking for someone even worse. Possible candidates supposedly include Obama’s ex Dan Shapiro, and former Rep. Robert Wexler, an anti-Israel leftist, but there’s buzz about “selecting a woman”.

This isn’t about selecting a woman, obviously, it’s about promoting an anti-Israel leftist who happens to be female while painting her selection as historic.

Who’s the woman in question?

Reportedly, Susie Gelman, the chairwoman of the Israel Policy Forum.

While IPF is a more obscure anti-Israel activist group than Soros’ J Street, it is quite vehemently anti-Israel. 

As Kenneth Levin notes in The Oslo Syndrome, the group’s first executive director was Jonathan Jacoby, “who had earlier in his career signed a New York Times ad accusing Israel of ‘state terrorism.’”

In 2008, IPF lauded the newly formed J Street as a group whose objectives represented a refreshing alternative to the “Arab and/or Palestinian-bashing” of “their pro-status quo, pro-occupation counterparts.”

IPF has received funding from such sources as George Soros‘s Open Society Institute and the Tides Foundation.

The Israel Policy Forum, much like J Street, conducts lobbying and pressure campaigns against Israel, rallying Democrats to oppose Israeli and pro-Israel moves, and aiding some of the worst anti-Israel Dems like Rep. Betty McCollum

Susie Gelman, a Levi Strauss heiress, has spent the past year or so relentlessly attacking the Israeli government: itself normally disqualifying for an ambassador to that government.

Gelman attacked the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem as “the highest level of brazen partisanship in U.S.-Israel relations since Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to a joint session of Congress in 2015 in which he expressed his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal.”

And Gelman shockingly described Israel’s Independence Day as “Nakba Day”, writing that, “the decision to open the embassy on the eve of Nakba Day [marking the founding of the State of Israel as a “catastrophe” to the Palestinians who fled or were displaced from their homes] was a needless provocation.”

She complained that opening the embassy had not been packaged with “acknowledging Palestinian aspirations for a capital in east Jerusalem”

The Gelmans have their own group, the Morningstar Foundation, which funds a variety of leftist causes, but also anti-Israel leftist groups, including Ir Amim and the New Israel Fund, but that’s mixed with funding for things like Birthright Israel.

Does the article interest you?
Jacob Feller 22:42 28.05.2023
If BiBi confirms her appt. when she presents her credentials,it will openly show that BiBi with all his bluster, is nothing but jelly and he will deserve her nefarious service. No complaints later on!
Sandy Grant 01:25 26.05.2023
Thank you Obama regime.. you delight in causing trouble.
Barry Levin 01:21 26.05.2023
They can refuse her entry. Let Obama know his Soros Gang is not welcome period. Bibi can tell him privately or publicly.
Jeanne Ferguson 00:34 26.05.2023
I haven't bought Levi brand in years because of their anti-Semitism. Promoting a Jew hater to this position is a slap in the face and shows Bidens true traitor colors.
Tzippy Bronstein 22:44 25.05.2023
Obama it’s all his people A blatant antisemite
[email protected] 22:01 25.05.2023
Put her to death
Bernard Baum 21:48 25.05.2023
David Friedman ISNT available? Well let’s just see ( and hope) what 2024 brings .. the only title this piece of …. deserves is something vile ,as referenced in England commencing with ‘c’ then * . A
Joe Lanyadoo 21:43 25.05.2023
Does Gellman know that Levi was a believer in the Jewish god He named his only per of pants 501… why? 501 is numerically ASHER meaning Blessed. It has been the most blessed pair of pant ever created
[Anonymous] 21:35 25.05.2023
Jews like the Gelmans and their company’s like Levi’s deserve to rot in hell and in bankruptcy!!! Support Israel by boycotting Levi’s!!!
[Anonymous] 21:32 25.05.2023
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