The Iranian Threat
BREAKING: Report - Second Israeli attack in one day on Iranian militias in eastern Syria

First reports arrive from Syrian media operating in the east of the country that fighter jets, apparently Israeli (according to the same sources), attacked a convoy of Iranian militias arriving from Iraq to al-Bukmal, east of Deir a-Zor. The attack took place in the "triangle" area of the city's desert area.

Since the beginning of the year, Iranian militias operating in eastern Syria have been attacked dozens of times.

Israel has warned in the past that it will not accept the introduction of advanced Iranian weapons into Syrian soil and that it will work to thwart Iranian intentions.

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Dennis Bell 19:40 28.11.2021
Live fire is always the best way to stay sharp. Ooh effe ing rah!
John Tucker 19:18 28.11.2021
God bless you IDF, you are doing a great job, you are the front line. God is with you, be courageous.
17:07 28.11.2021
God bless Israel and the IDF as they alone stand for peace and democracy in the Middle East. Go Israel!
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