The Iranian Threat
Iran to Allow Nuke Inspectors to Install New Cameras They’re Not Allowed to Watch

“Iran has agreed to allow international inspectors to install new memory cards in the surveillance cameras that monitor Iran’s nuclear sites.”

The UN’s IAEA inspectors don’t actually inspect Iran’s nuke plants. They watch cameras. Which are currently not working.

After a lot of negotiations, Iran has agreed to allow the replacement of cameras and new memory cards in the cameras… which inspectors aren’t allowed to watch.

The director-general of the IAEA, Rafael Grossi, flew to Tehran this weekend to discuss the situation with the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization. “We had a major, major communication breakdown with Iran, which, of course, is something we cannot afford, having so many important issues that we need to solve,” Grossi told reporters after he returned, the according to the Associated Press. “And I think that was solved.”

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Rhoda Wright 00:03 15.09.2021
by the way, who is watching these cameras
Rhoda Wright 21:01 14.09.2021
Lies, lies, always lies & double talk upon all lies. What a waste of time
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