Work has begun in the Negev where the new IDF Intelligence Campus will be established

NEWSRAEL: The moving of IDF bases and offices to the Negev is a huge and important project not only for the IDF, but for Israel in general. This will be a big boost to the south of Israel which many see as the "future" of Israel. 

The land there is mostly open and flat and easy to build on, and now living in the desert is not the hardship it was a few decades ago. Army staff will move down there to be closer to their bases and enliven the population.

It will also mean that IDF bases and infrastructure will be closer together. While that may sound like it becoming an "easy" target for enemies, it is actually easier for the IDF to defend.

The infrastructure of these new bases and complexes will see a modern upgrade which is badly needed in the much older buildings in the central and north of Israel.

Lastly, the move will open up spaces in crowded and valuable real estate in the central area of Israel.

At the end of complex planning and contracting processes, carried out by the Ministry of Defense and the IDF, heavy vessels of the Engineering and Construction Division boarded the land near the Likit junction, where Kiryat HaModiin will be built, for the first time this morning.

Tractors and vehicles began to prepare the area and carry out excavation, dipping and infrastructure work.

The works are managed by the Negev District in the Engineering and Construction Division, in partnership with the Director of the Transition to the South and the Director of the Transition to the Negev at the National Security Agency.

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Pamela Hackner 10:57 12.01.2022
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