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WATCH: After being seriously injured in an attack - Lt. Nadav was present at the swearing-in ceremony of paratroopers

Injured more than a month ago in the shooting terrorist attack in the city of David, arrived at the Western Wall straight from the hospital to meet the fighters and commanders of the 202nd "Viper" battalion.

Ynet reports that Paratrooper officer Lt. Nadav, who was seriously injured in the shooting attack in the city of David a little over a month ago, put on his uniform early (Wednesday) for the first time since the attack and arrived at the Western Wall - straight from the hospital - to meet his soldiers and commanders from the 202nd "Viper" battalion in a journey ending ceremony. 22-year-old Lieutenant Nadav neutralized the terrorist in the attack, and for several weeks his life was in danger.

Nadav was injured in the attack along with his father whose condition was defined as moderate - and has since been released from the hospital. He neutralized the 13-year-old terrorist, in civilian clothes, in the middle of a vacation. The shooting attack at the entrance to the City of David came less than a day after the deadly attack near a synagogue in the Neve Yaakov neighborhood in Jerusalem, in which seven people were murdered.

Source - Ynet - Video source - Kann News/Twitter - Image - IDF
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Anthony Bowker 05:59 09.03.2023
Very courageous. Get well soon . Prayers sent up and God Bless Israel .
Michael Jacobs 14:35 08.03.2023