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BREAKING: Col. Yaakov Nimrodi, 97 - a few words in his memory

Nimrod was indeed 'Governor of Shushan' (as the name of the movie made about his life). Mossad representative in Iran, IDF attaché there and later a leading businessman. 

The small square next to the center for the intelligence heritage and the base in Gillot is named after Yosef Shemesh - a source recruited by Nimrodi. 

Shamesh had a Christian lover, her brother-in-law was a frustrated Iraqi pilot named Munir Radfa. Nimrodi was the one who created the connection that led to Operation Diamond - an operation led by the Mossad with the assistance of the Israeli Air Force, the significant milestone of which was the landing of a MiG 21 aircraft at the Hazor base, on 8/16/1966, a year before the Six Day War. 

It is too short to detail the tremendous intelligence achievement for Israel and the West. The pilot's family was smuggled to Israel ahead of time, but the family did not survive the new life here, and was sent elsewhere with a new identity.

Photo: Yaakov Nimrodi speaking with PM Ben-Gurion

Yaakov Nimrodi, 97 years old, passed away. May he be of blessed memory!

Source: Abner Abraham

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