PMW Warned; Israel Prison Service Ignored

Palestinian Media Watch has repeatedly warned that Israel Prison Service (IPS) does not know what the Palestinian terrorists are doing in their prisons.

PMW has met, exchanged emails, and spoken with members of the prison service, including the Head of the IPS and Israel’s Minister of Internal Security (responsible for the IPS) to warn them of activities happening in prisons that they are not aware of. Despite the overwhelming evidence, the IPS consistently responded by saying that the information published by the Palestinian Authority, and exposed by PMW, was not true and that everything is under control.

On Monday (Sept. 6, 2021) six Palestinian terrorist murderers escaped from prison in what is being described as one failure after another by the prison service. The first failure was negating and not acting on PMW’s repeated warnings.

In over 10 reports in the last four years, PMW warned that terrorist prisoners and their lawyers appear to have almost unlimited freedom to smuggle materials in and out of the prisons. For example, according to PMW documentation of official PA sources, hundreds of prisoners were able to study for academic degrees despite the IPS ban on these studies. Lawyers smuggled the educational materials into the prisons and prisoners with advanced degrees became faculty staff, teaching the different subjects. In addition, prisoners even managed to smuggle out their sperm and father scores of children. Despite the clear evidence, the IPS constantly responded that these activities are not happening.

Just recently, PMW reported to the IPS that a mass murderer, responsible for a suicide bombing in which 23 people were murdered, had been speaking via a mobile phone to a crowd gathered in a neighborhood of Jerusalem. While the IPS acted swiftly to punish the terrorist, the fact remains that a cell phone was smuggled to a mass murder into prison without the IPS knowing about it.

Photo: Walla News

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