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BREAKING: Border communities under heavy rocket fire

Red alerts have been going off this morning in the border communities of Gaza.

Friday, 10:11a.m.: Sirens sounded in Kfar Aza, the Nir Am firing range, Sderot, Ibim, and Nir Am.

Friday, 10:01a.m.: Sirens sound in Nirim, Sa'ad, Mefalsim, and the Nir Am firing range, near the Gaza border.

Friday, 9:59a.m.: Sirens sound in Kissufim, near the Gaza border.

Does the article interest you?
Ken Jones 20:08 01.12.2023
Yes ! I thought this was cease fire ? You can’t trust hamas
Heather Redden 11:20 01.12.2023
Hamas 👺must be destroyed… they need to repent of all their evil 👿… but it’s not likely when you love your hatred
[Anonymous] 10:06 01.12.2023
If Israel doesn’t take out Hamas completely, this will be a disaster. I want to believe this government, but I have to see it to believe it.
[Anonymous] 09:12 01.12.2023
So isn’t this a break in the ceasefire?
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