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WATCH: UK Prime Minister Sunak Vows to Fight Antisemitism

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Rishi Sunak posted a video in which he condemns antisemitism and pledges to take steps to combat it.

He discusses Pro-Palestinian rallies in the UK which in “far too many cases” have led to “antisemitism, violent intimidation and the glorification of terrorism.”

Sunak said he is meeting with law enforcement representatives to discuss concrete measures to “restore order to our streets.”

Video source - RishiSunak/X

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Pete Pala 02:42 13.02.2024
He's weak just like Biden/Blinken.
[Anonymous] 17:53 12.02.2024
Sunik is grandstanding. He could have stopped this pro-Palestinian/Hamas chaos in Britain a long time ago. It is disgraceful!
[Anonymous] 14:40 12.02.2024
Stay strong and defend this hateful Islamic terrorist to the end BUT don’t depend on the American administration to help. They are behind it
Heather Redden 12:38 12.02.2024
At least he is pointed in the right direction… I won’t “ hang my hat on it”😳
Steve Jensen 11:10 12.02.2024
Geez, ‘Rushi’, I mean Slowi Sunak moves slower than a wet week! Did he say he “pledges to take steps”. That means he hasn’t taken any yet! What a fuckwit!
Geula Kan 11:00 12.02.2024
You can blindly trust what a british politician says. As a rabbi said 2.000 years ago , "you ll know them by their fruit ".
[Anonymous] 10:51 12.02.2024
Hymmm. Well it sounds good but it’s too little, too late and it may not even be true. But of course it sounds good which is what all politicians do and say but it’s usually just lies. Prove it Sunak.
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