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The Jewish Point Video Show - The Foundation Stones of the Temple Mount

In today's episode, Doron Spielman and Uriya Dasberg from the City of David take us in a journey back in time to discover the Foundation Stones of the Temple Mount.

From discovering buried gold treasure to royal seals from the times of the Bible, join us as we go on an unforgettable underground journey from the City of David to the Foundation Stones of the Temple Mount. 

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06:41 23.03.2022
Fantastic the proof of Jewish ancestors cannot be denied.
darrel snider 11:33 10.12.2021
Hashem is amazing thank you for ypur kindness in finding road Jesus may walk on.
Mike Galarneau 03:22 10.12.2021
That was awesome. Good job.πŸ™βœŒ
Sherry Lynne 03:14 10.12.2021
Thank you for sharing this. We rejoice with you! Amazing historical finds!
04:50 07.06.2021
Wow 🀩 😯 that was truly so wonderful to watch , to see & think that anyone could doubt that Israel doesn’t belong to the Jewish people . And that even Queen Victoria of Great Britain πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ thinks so
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