Border Unit: Hundreds more recruited to deal with riots

Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai has decided to recruit hundreds of new border police officers to deal with riots and serious crime as part of the lessons learned from Operation "The Guardian of the Walls".

Upon taking office, Shabtai presented a plan to empower police. The commissioner demanded five billion shekels and the recruitment of five thousand new police officers. In practice, only 1,200 new standards have been approved for the police at this stage within the state budget, which is expected to be approved next month.

The commissioner decided to invest these standards in the two biggest problems in Israel's internal security. This is one of the main lessons from Operation Wall Guard and the riots in the mixed cities, where the police were not ready with enough forces on the ground and had to bring in border companies from the West Bank and recruit reservists, which took several days to carry out thereby undermining the citizens' sense of personal security.

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