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Gantz: Iranian boldness is expected to increase

The defense minister concluded his tenure and warns of the ties between Moscow and Tehran: "This will have an impact on the entire region." According to him, Israel has the ability to attack Iran, but "you have to think carefully before using it."

In addition, he warned of an escalation on the Temple Mount that would spill over into Gaza and the northern sector: "Not a fictional scenario"

"The competition with Iran is on the whole spectrum - technology, academia, the war of fire, space, the transfer of weapons to terrorist organizations and more," said Gantz. "Israel has the ability to operate in Iran and we are committed to continuing to strengthen it. We have readiness, development capabilities and long-term processes. 

We need to prepare for this possibility and we will also need to consider this issue very carefully before carrying it out."

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Selina 21:56 09.11.2022
P.P.S. Jews and Christians, both men & women deeply honor/revere our female Biblical saints. As a result, our societies live peacefully, our men are less violent, our women are better protected.
Selina 21:45 09.11.2022
P.P.S. Jews & Christians are warned by our Bibles not to blaspheme the gods of other peoples, Acts 19:37. What terrible things happen when the Iranians do not protect them.
Selina 21:34 09.11.2022
P.S. Also, if the Iranian female deities were protected, the Iranian men would not be so violent.
Selina 20:55 09.11.2022
Iran should focus more on protecting it's female deities. Protect the Iranian female deities, and the Iranian women will be more protected.