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US ambassador Nides: Washington trusts Netanyahu and wants to work with his government

(January 18, 2023 / JNS) U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides stated on Wednesday that he has faith in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and plans to work with his government.

“At the end of the day, we want to work with this democratically-elected government. As Netanyahu said many times, he is very much in charge, and he has his hands on the wheel, and we will work with him to make sure that we keep that car on the road,” Nides told Ynet.

The United States still wants to “keep the vision of a two-state solution alive, which means we focus on taking care of the Palestinian people without compromising the security of Israel,” said Nides.

“Our position is very clear, we don’t support legalizing any outposts or settlement growth, which will cause us to lose the two-state solution,” he said. “We have been very clear. We want to keep things calm; that’s our goal, we got Israel’s back, and we will work with this government to make sure that occurs,” he added.

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Tony Pettitt 03:28 19.01.2023
Yeah sure Natanyahu is right wing and the Biden administration  despises him they hate everything he stands for, don’t fall for this lie. They will sabotage all his efforts and Endeavors!!!!
00:34 19.01.2023
Just ANOTHER EXAMPLE That SLEEPYJoe, And His HANDLERS, Are All Talk and NO ACTION, Just Like All DEMONRats!!!!🤡🤮😡🤡 There IS NO TWO STATE SOLUTION! Israel Is ONLY For The Jewish People….PERIOD!!!!