The Iranian Threat
Biden doesn't want to "anger" Iranians

At today's Pentagon press briefing, The Pentagon Press Secretary was asked about the Iran assassination plot against an unnamed American general in Germany, following a statement from Israel's Prime Minister's Office. 

He said "not going to talk about that."

On the other hand, he's willing to allow them an end to sanctions.

Source: Twitter

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Edna Messer 03:17 03.05.2022
The poorest excuse we have ever had for a President of the USA…Obama’s man.
Bro Hes 00:26 03.05.2022
OK. It's time to show true colors as American regardless of ethnicity, by singing or humming The Star Spangled Banner and other patriotic hymns. If not, big problem. Amen אמנ. USAGOP: 98% USMilitary.
Gene Cox 00:18 03.05.2022
More traitors in Washington DC! They have to go and when I vote tomorrow I’ll vote with that in mind!
pflip521 23:26 02.05.2022
That just shows how much of a wimp Sleepy Joe is.
Henry Lee 22:57 02.05.2022
Well his mind is focused on the Iran issues. Maybe the press should ask his vice president instead.
Ronald White 22:52 02.05.2022
22:34 02.05.2022
This is obvious. Obama gave them billions n he’s pulling jobama’s strings to follow up on the treasonous actions. God is Israel’s protection!!!!
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