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WATCH: Senior Hamas Leader promises to repeat 10/7 attacks "again and again"

Senior leader Ghazi Hamad says Hamas are happy to ‘sacrifice’ as many Palestinian as possible. 

Ghazi Hamad of the Hamas political bureau said in an October 24, 2023 show on LBC TV (Lebanon) that Hamas is prepared to repeat the October 7 “Al-Aqsa Flood” Operation time and again until Israel is annihilated. 

“We must teach Israel a lesson. And we will do this again and again…we are proud to sacrifice Martyrs.”

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[Anonymous] 18:11 03.04.2024
Had zistarl started hanging the murderers held in prisons yet?
Mike Galarneau 01:27 03.04.2024
Thats Why Israel needs to take out Every Last One of the PIGS!
Wayne Granger 01:09 03.04.2024
Said senior Hamas leader had best go to his local Terrorist Mart store and buy some asbestos underwear.
[Anonymous] 23:39 02.04.2024
Because you worship a god that wants you to die. He also wants you to disrespect women and have sex with kids. The God if Israel turns his face on what you do. He wants you to life abundantly
[Anonymous] 21:50 02.04.2024
Arab countries see its citizens as pawns to be sacrificed, especially including their children and their wives, not themselves. Wasted lives, just wasted
William Morgan 21:44 02.04.2024
Hamas wants the war to continue. So be it but let’s target the cowards who are giving orders from their fancy hotel rooms in Dubai
Emmanuel Robert 21:27 02.04.2024
Ghazi hamad is really mad, he is a complete coward. If he is man enough let him come out from hiding and face IDF and sacrifice his own life too.
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