US - Israeli Cooperation
Absolutely brazen

Free Beacon just posted email State Dept. sent to Adam Kredo of Free Beacon on Golan Heights. They indeed backslid from recognition of Israel's sovereignty - and then when it became a scandal, they publicly accused him of lying.


Gadi Taub tweeted his response, "Make no mistake about the Israeli side of all this: the Biden administration dictates, and Yair Lapid, Israel's new foreign minister and de facto prime minster, obediently recites. Which is why he now denies this story along with State."

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Kitty Spence 12:36 26.06.2021
The same with Christians who say they read the Bible and don't support Israrl. They skip over all the Word where G-d says Israel is the apple of his eye, those who curse Israel, He will curse.
Kitty Spence 12:32 26.06.2021
From what I have read most of the Jews in the US do not support Israel.
Greg Adams 01:40 26.06.2021
Being a non-Jew can anyone please tell me why any Jewish person would vote for ANY Democrat, ESPECIALLY after living through Obama's assault on Israel?
darrel snider 00:33 26.06.2021
I stand with God and Israel his chosen people.
Visigothic Saga 00:30 26.06.2021
The Usurper Regime is in a wholesale retreat in the face of Iran. They are stuck in the past in failed policies and Israel doesn’t need them.
00:10 26.06.2021
All democrats hate Israel. Why are we surprised.
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