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BREAKING!!! VIDEO: Iran - A UAV near Natanz being picked up by Iranian Helicopter

NEWSRAEL: These social media items still do not tell us the full picture, but it makes it clearer that the official Iranian statements made last night regarding the explosion were false. We will continue to report on this issue as details become available. Note that the UAV itself seems to be undamaged...

Iranian official media report this morning on a UAV located in the area of the village of Mia Kohrang (I will attach a map immediately).
The Iranian media publish the UAV rescue video but are careful not to provide any other details on the matter.
The place where the UAV is located, according to Iranian advertising, is about 170 km away from the Nantene nuclear site.

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darrel snider 12:36 05.12.2021
Time to destroy iran of the earth
Linda Erhardt 08:53 05.12.2021
I pray the Lord will intervene in Iran and break the evil in the government. I pray for the innocent people that have to live under this evil regime.