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USA: Importing Fuel from Iran is a Hezbollah Game and Violation of Lebanon's Sovereignty

On Thursday, the US State Department believed that Lebanon's consent to receive from Iran, a country under sanctions, oil shipments, would not solve the country's energy problem.

U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price said in response to a question from the U.S. news site Alhora that "the United States is aware of this. "

He noted that importing oil from a country subject to severe sanctions such as Iran, is clearly isn't a sustainable solution to the energy crisis in Lebanon.

"We support efforts to find transparent and sustainable solutions to the acute shortage of oil and energy in Lebanon," Price added. He described what was happening as "a Hezbollah game in the field of public relations, and does not bring a solution to the problem."

The Hezbollah militia, which is affiliated with Tehran, has begun bringing in trucks full of fuel coming from Iran, in a move that he says will alleviate the country's severe energy crisis.

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati said last month that Iranian fuel shipments brought by Hezbollah to the country represent "an infringement of Lebanese sovereignty."

The fuel crisis that has plagued Lebanon for months has manifested itself in various sectors, including hospitals, bakeries, communications, and food.

In recent months, the ability of the Lebanese electricity company - Electricité du Liban to supply electricity to all regions has decreased, which has led to an increase in rationing hours and there are power outages of up to 22 hours a day.

Private generators are no longer able to supply the electricity needed to cover power outages, forcing them to ration and significantly raises the rates of buying diesel on the black market.

Lebanon is facing an economic collapse that threatens its stability and has extremely depleted foreign exchange reserves, as well as a growing shortage of fuel, medicines, and other basic commodities. Most Lebanese face power outages for several hours a day.

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