Report: CIA chief met Saudi heir

The US Wall Street Journal reports that Central Bureau chief William Burns set out last month on an unannounced trip to Saudi Arabia to meet with Regent Muhammad bin Salman in an effort to "fix relations" with a key partner in the Middle East.

The paper said details of what the two discussed were not available, but it was estimated that the talks revolved around "the sources of tensions between the US and Saudi Arabia, which include oil production, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Iranian nuclear deal, and the war in Yemen."

A CIA spokeswoman refused to comment to the newspaper on this information.

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Dennis Bell 16:15 05.05.2022
The CIA needs to was the houthis leaders for the regent.
Bro Hes 10:47 05.05.2022
The world's a violent Chicago, you know: most of what goes on is not funny. To repent to God through Christ Crucified and Resurrected IS the Power of Peace. Amen אמנ USAGOP: 99% USMilitary.
04:26 05.05.2022
MBS is not to be trusted after Mr.Kashooghi’s killing!🧐
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