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Counter-Islamists meet, make ambitious plans

Pro-Western activists will soon have an opportunity to determine if their political leaders are committed to protecting the countries they govern from Islamist encroachment. They will be able to do this by asking politicians to sign a “Salzburg Pledge” prepared by a coalition of reform Muslims, ex-Muslims and their non-Muslim allies.

They met by the Ayaan Hirsi Ali Foundation as part of an effort to formulate a strategy to halt and rollback the spread of Islamism in Western democracies.

The overall agenda is not anti-Islam, but opposition to ideology of Islamism that is gaining traction in the West, emphasized Zuhdi Jasser.

“The red-green alliance has been handing us our rear ends for the past five to ten years,” he said.

"Once Islamists start getting some serious pushback from activists in the West, Muslim reformers will start to gain momentum to update how their faith is practiced in the modern world."

Source: Focus on Western Islamism

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Selina 05:23 24.11.2022
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