01:10 PM 06:10 AM EST DEC 2, 2023 JLM 67°F
WATCH: Israeli forces arrested 10 wanted terrorists throughout Judea & Samaria

The wanted terrorists who were arrested were transferred for further investigation by the security forces.

The soldiers of the IDF, the Shin Bet and the Mageb worked tonight to arrest ten wanted persons throughout Judea and Samaria
The fighters arrested two wanted men in Kfar Beta, when the troops left, suspects threw stones at them. In the refugee camp in Lata, in Mahfiya, and in the village of Niama, four more wanted persons were arrested.
During an operation in the villages of Beit Jalala, Beit Awa, Eilar and Ramin, the fighters arrested four wanted persons, during an operation in the village of Aljib, suspects threw stones at the force.

There were no casualties to our forces.

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