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Giorgia Meloni, the new Prime Minister of Italy talks about Israel, Iran and Hezbollah

Meloni is interviewed by "Israel Hayom", and says that Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East and that it stands by Israel's right to defend itself and that Italy will stand by Israel economically, militarily and diplomatically, as much as it takes.

Meloni criticizes Iran, which she believes plays an extremely negative role in terms of stability in the Middle East, and supports the militias that threaten the sovereignty and integrity of countries in the Middle East. 

In particular Meloni spoke about Hezbollah, which is a security threat to Israel. Italy will declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization and impose sanctions on those who cooperate with it.

According to her, Iran is adding sin to crime when it joins the axis of evil of Russia and China and thus puts itself against Europe.

Source: King of the Neighborhood - Telegram - Photo: Reuters

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Selina 19:00 27.09.2022
Michael Gray 08:54 27.09.2022
Praise God! God said I will bless those who bless the Jews, and I will curse those who curse the Jews.
Howard Kirschenbaum 05:21 27.09.2022
Suzanne Aladjem 05:04 27.09.2022
I hope she follows through it will be great if she does .