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WATCH: Heart valve repair without open-heart surgery

An Israeli company is developing a minimally invasive procedure to fix heart valve insufficiency when a replacement isn’t necessary.

For patients suffering from heart valve or aortic insufficiency, the only solution currently available is open-heart surgery to replace the valve.

Unfortunately, the five- to six-hour operation is too dangerous for some people, especially older adults. Only 20 percent of patients can be approved for the procedure.

Israeli medical device startup Cuspa Medical is aiming to treat heart valve insufficiency with a procedure similar to how a stent is inserted into the heart – via a catheter threaded through an artery that starts in the groin area.

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Mark Zanghetti 15:51 20.12.2022
This is amazing, will it work long-term, and does it allow increased backflow as it ages? It is still an amazing procedure with incredible potential.
23:54 19.12.2022
Fabulous! More medical breakthroughs from Israel!!