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WATCH!! Biden - "We can only reelect Donald Trump!"

What can you do when your president is a clown? Laugh....

Biden gets so mixed up with his lines, he actually says: "We can only reelect Donald Trump!"

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David Dangcil 19:50 10.11.2022
You dead man on a stick is never coming back.
Laura AndClyde 18:35 09.11.2022
He's a prophet and didn't know it!
Danny Brackett 05:23 09.11.2022
No one with morality or common sense could vote for an American democrat
C & 21:03 08.11.2022
That is awesome!! God had Biden say that!! LoL 🤭😆😂🤣😅👏👏👏💥🎉
zack pro 20:51 08.11.2022
Repent! Give your life to Jesus Christ before it's too late
Anna Anderson 20:48 08.11.2022
Jesus is coming soon get ready