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ABOUT US The Answer NEWSRAEL is a ZIOTECH initiative -The only 24/7 pro-Israel newsfeed from Israel

Covering Israeli politics, security, economy, culture, and history, as well as global news relating to the Middle East.

Its uniquely Zionist narrative offers a fact-based lens into the only democracy in the Middle East, the counterbalance to the negative media and anti-Israel sentiment.

Relevant and Reliable
NEWSRAEL delivers relevant and reliable content about Israel to help empower those confronted by BDS and anti-Israel sentiment and who want to stand up for Israel.
The NEWSRAEL app is user-friendly, easily accessible on all devices, updates in real-time and is supported by state-of-the-art security ensuring its reliability.
In a world where anti-Israel organizations activate their global networks of hatred in an instant to reach millions of impressionable minds, the only pre-emptive answer is NEWSRAEL