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Biblical Archaeology
VIDEO: Israeli archaeologists find proof of King David
BREAKING: IDF air attack in Syria
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AGAIN? Rashida Tlaib caught lying about the Jewish State
A laser system for intercepting UAVs made in China in operational service in the Saudi army
ARAB PRESS: Five ways that Saudi-Israeli normalization is already here
The Dalai Lama can tell Pope Francis something about migrants
'Allah gave Israel to the Jews, Palestine made up'
Soviet Style Trial: Ivanka, Donald Jr., Eric Trump listed as prosecution witnesses in father’s New York trial
WATCH: 'Oh, God!' Hot mic catches surprised reaction during Buttigieg interview on 'The View'
VIDEO REPORT: “Wannabe Dictator”, top US Gen retires with a swipe at Trump
Shiite Iraqi writer describes a Jewish plot to assassinate Mohammed before he was born
KOSOVO - VIDEO: US monitoring large Serbian force along Kosovo border [MAP]
Bible Video: The Destruction of the First Temple
Tucker Carlson calls the battle between Trump & the Washington elite a “spiritual battle” 
In their own words: Arabs tell us that there is NO PALESTINE
WATCH: Trump offers solution to city crime
WATCH: PA libel: “Al-Aqsa in danger of being bombed”
MALLEY SCANDAL: US Senators urge Pentagon to revoke Tabatabaei’s clearance
Thousands of Jews expected on Temple Mount during Sukkot amid terror threat
BREAKING: CENTCOM Helicopter raid in Northern Syria captures ISIS official
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