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Arab Support for Israel
WATCH!!! Israeli-Arab Yoseph Hadad with Dumisani Washington
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Biden’s "Hate-America-First" regime closes off more US lands to oil and gas drilling
IDF female soldier, the late Sergeant Lia Bin Nun
Today's free sample of NEWSRAEL VIP:Today's free sample of NEWSRAEL VIP:  WATCH: Rabbi David Stav on non-Jews during Egyptian slavery
The Iraqi army stops the entry of vegetable shipments from Syria because of drugs
Defense Minister Yoav Galant issues statement on Twitter
VIDEO NEWS REPORT: USA: Record withdrawal of deposits from banks
Special Video: Vacation in Samaria - not what you thought!
VIDEO REPORT: Ukraine "downs 15 missiles", shelling kills two in Russia's Belgorod
Rashida Tlaib’s Grandmother - Oppressed by the PA - not Israel!
OFF THE BEATEN TRACK: Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jerusalem
Amos Yadlin: The media creates headlines that are difficult to justify. Answers to the questions you asked
Wagner boss Prigozhin accuses Russia forces of trying to blow up his men
UPDATE: 3 IDF soldiers killed this morning on the Egyptian border
BREAKING: Two IDF soldiers killed in shooting near Egyptian border, IDF confirms
Foxman: Bill honors Righteous Gentiles who helped Jews ‘against interests’ of countries
RARE BATTLE VIDEO - Russians shoot at Russians!
Rothman: Anti-judicial-reform protesters ‘make our enemies happy’
USA: Police Shot on Duty Up 30 Percent Since '21
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