Israeli Military Technology
Ametrine Technologies - Advanced Camouflage for the Modern Battlefield

Ametrine Technologies develops solutions for camouflage from thermal and night vision sensors. "We estimate that within a decade, all soldiers and platforms on the battlefield will be equipped with some form of multi-spectral camouflage," said Amiram Levinberg, co-founder of JAL Ventures and chairman of Ametrine. 

Ametrine Technologies Ltd. was founded in 2011 in Kibbutz Lehavot Haviva in large part due to lessons learned during the Second Lebanon War. Elad Morag, one of the company’s founders, experienced the devastating consequences of Hezbollah equipped with thermal night vision devices while serving as an infantry officer in the IDF reserve forces. Since Elad’s tragic experience, the proliferation of night vision and advanced thermal sensors has negated the ability to take the enemy by surprise by acting under the cover of darkness. Elad, along with colleague Uri Kaplan, founded Ametrine retake the night by rendering friendly fighters invisible through advanced multispectral camouflage systems.

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Palestinian Lies
Shaheen Nassar of CAIR Los Angeles: The Jews are not Jews

- The "European Jewish Colonizers" in Palestine converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages, have no connection to ancient Israelites
- There's no direct blood relation between the ancient Israelites and the European colonizers.
- [European] Antisemitism is a way of persecuting a group for falsely claiming to descend from historic Palestine
- Realistically the blood of the ancient Israelites most likely flows in the blood of Palestinians

Source: IOSC Masjid channel on YouTube

Director of policy and advocacy for Los Angeles branch of The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR LA), Shaheen Nassar, said that antisemitism is a uniquely European phenomenon, and it was a way of persecuting a group of people for the "false historical accusation" that they are the descendants of the people of historic Palestine. 

He made his remarks during a lecture held at the Islamic Society of Orange County, which was posted on the IOSC Masjid YouTube channel on June 11, 2021. 

Nassar explained that Muslims and Arabs are Semites, and that "most historians recognize" that the vast majority of European Jews and the "European Jewish colonizers" in Palestine are Europeans who converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages, and it is in fact Palestinians who most likely to have the blood of the Israelites running through their veins. 

He added that it is ironic that while Zionism is a "racist supremacist ideology," Jews are also the target of antisemitism, which he conceded is a "real thing." He went on to explain that white supremacists hold Jewish, Muslim, and Palestinian lives in equal contempt.

Shaheen Nassar: "Palestinians and Arabs are Semites themselves. Antisemitism  is, throughout much of history, a uniquely European phenomena. It was essentially a way of saying... it was a way of persecuting a group of people for the false history accusation, this false historical allegation, that they had descended from historic Palestine. The reality of course, as most historians recognize, is much of European Jews and much of the European Jewish colonizers of Palestine are all descendants of medieval converts to Judaism, and that realistically the blood of the ancient Israelites most likely flows in the blood of Palestinians.

"If Zionism is a supremacist ideology, isn't it ironic that also Jews are the targets. And by the way this is legitimate, antisemitism is a real thing. I may not necessarily agree with its relevance to the issue of Palestine, but antisemitism is a very real thing, and there are white supremacists out there who hold Jewish lives and Muslim lives and Palestinian lives with equal contempt.

"A lot of the people that were massacring Palestinians, the people that I mentioned who would kill, in such horrific and gruesome ways, Palestinian children, committed acts of sexual violence... These death squads, the Irgun, the Hagana, the Black Hand, they would later evolve into the modern Israeli defense forces.

"There's no direct blood relation between the ancient Israelites and the European colonizers."

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The Beautiful Israel Daily Show
Beautiful Israel Daily Show Herzliya Marina - By Itay Roitman

One of Israel's ocean jewels is the marina of Herzliya. Set in this quiet but prosperous city, just north of Tel-Aviv, it is the perfect place to visit and enjoy a day off.

Itay Roitman shows it off spectacularly - from the air!

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IDF Chief Kochavi to visit in the USA

For the first time since taking office in January 2019, Major General Aviv Kochavi is set for a week-long visit to the United States. He will meet with senior officials in the Biden administration and the US military and discuss the Iranian nuclear issue, Hezbollah's precise missile threat and lessons learned from Operation Guardian of the Walls. The Deputy Chief of Staff will take his place.


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Gaza Strip News
Reports: IDF Attacks Sites in Gaza

Palestinian media report that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) struck Thursday night targets in Gaza in response to the incendiary balloons launched earlier at Israel. More details to follow.

Photo: Walla! News

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Passing the Navy Torch

This proud grandmother, Tikvah, received her grandson's special pin as a gift after he completed his Israeli Navy diving course. Tikvah herself served in the naval unit of the Palmach prior to Israel's establishment.

"We're already the fourth generation at sea and to see my grandson with the white uniform is kind of a victory."

What a beautiful moment! 🇮🇱

via: @Israel Defense Forces

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Bible Quotes
Bible Quotes

“Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

—Nehemiah 8:10

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Palestinian Terror
Terror Balloons Continues

Gazans continued Thursday to launch incendiary balloons into Israeli territory.

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Israeli Politics
Likud: We Will Promote Law Stopping Arab Immigration

The Likud party announced Thursday that “the opposition will promote the right-wing law regarding putting a stop to Arab immigration to Israel -- Basic Law Bill: Immigration to Israel.”

Religious Zionism chair, lawmaker Bezalel Smotrich, referred to the bill as well, saying that for the first time there is a clear majority to pass it.

“The current laws preventing families’ unification have been based on dilapidated foundations and were perforated over the years like Swiss cheese,” Smotrich said.

“Thousands of Palestinians receive citizenship every year via a clause for exceptions. For the first time in many years, there is a solid right-wing majority in the Knesset that allows enacting a basic immigration law with a large majority that will preserve Jewish majority and Israel’s security.”

Photo: Walla! News

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Israeli Sunsets
Tel Aviv Sunset

Israeli enjoy the warm weather of June in a Tel Aviv beach, as the sun sets on Thursday.

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IDF Chief to Visit Washington June 20

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi will make an official trip to the United States on June 20 for the first time.

Kochavi will discuss with his hosts in the Defense Department and U.S. Armed Forces a slew of shared security challenges, the IDF spokesperson said in a statement.

The discussions will revolve around the Iranian nuclear threat, Iranian efforts to increase their influence across the Middle East, Hezbollah’s strengthening efforts, and the consequences of precise missiles in the battlefield.

The visit was initially scheduled in April but was postponed due to the confrontation between Israel and Gaza.

Photo: Walla! News

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IDF Always on Guard

No worries, the Israel Defense Forces are here -- and they got every angle covered 😉

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A Doctor's Nobel Act

A diploma of appreciation was submitted to Dr. Tal Ben Uliel who bought medicine for a patient in severe condition from her own pocket after the substance was depleted at the Hadassah hospital.

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Israeli Politics
Netanyahu: New Gov't 'Renounced the National Interest'

Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu referred Thursday, in a closed meeting of the Likud party, to the political storm over the family unification law that the Bennett-Lapid coalition is finding difficult to approve.

“They renounced the national interest and we are supposed to cover it up?” he criticized.

“This coalition has very serious cracks. We are standing in front of one of them. They formed a hybrid government, with Ra’am in the coalition, and now they are telling us to ‘rescue us from this coalition.’ Excuse me? What is this thing? They are coming to complain over Israeli security? They should not establish a government with Ra’am,” Israel’s longest-serving prime minister said.

However, the Likud faction has not yet made a decision whether it will back or oppose the law, which employs a citizenship prohibition on Palestinians who marry Israelis.

Some Likud members suggested that if the party opposed the law, the public would not forgive it. Lawmaker Shlomo Karhi said that “it might even be a trick that they are doing to us.”

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We Remember

While in hiding at a children's home in Chabanne, France, during the Holocaust, German-Jewish child Herbert Odenheimer (Ehud Loeb) made this drawing.

Thanks to the bravery of those who hid him, he survived. His parents were murdered by the Nazis.

Photo: Yad Vashem

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Israeli Politics
Likud Official: 'What Does Bennett Want From Us?'

A top Likud official lashed out at Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Thursday, criticizing his decision to appoint lawmaker Mansour Abbas as the head of the Knesset (Israel Parliament) Internal Affairs and Environment Committee.

“In a reckless move, Bennett puts Mansour Abbas as head of the Internal Affairs Committee that is supposed to pass the law which prevents vast Palestinian immigration into Israel, and now with chutzpah asks the opposition to rescue him and transfer the law to another committee,” the official said.

“What does Bennett want from us?” he continued. “He can fire Abbas and pass the law.”

Photo: Walla! News

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Israeli Life
The Biggest Prize of All

"There is nothing perfect about this image. Yet for me it is perfection 🤍"

It was one of those mornings. Kids were being kids -- each one wanted a different cereal and once it was poured, and I added milk, they wanted what the other was having.

One wanted to dress by himself but wanted me to sit by him and watch him get dressed.

I tried brushing their teeth but they weren’t happy and it turned into a fight. Apparently, I don’t know how to use the electric toothbrush.

I made aruchat eser (10 AM snack time) and I used the wrong cheese in his sandwich and then he was mad I didn’t add salt to his cucumber.

My hot coffee was lukewarm.

Then I sat down for one tiny moment. I looked around me. And I just was in awe. All these people are mine? When did this happen? How was I so blessed with kol hatov (all the good) that I am staring at?

At that moment you know what I did?!

Ya guessed it.

Me: "Everyone outside to the balcony right now -- I have an idea."

Nadav: "Will we get a prize?"

Me: "Listen to mommy and you will see. Kids get together and stand on the table."

Dear husband looks at me. Gives me one of those really nice death stares. I know what he’s thinking. Oh no she’s doing this again. 

And I did.

"Ahiya, quick, take a picture of all of us."

"kids, smile!"

And this is what we got. One shot. One memory. One moment that we will never get back. A moment that I could now keep forever.

I wanted this memory. I wanted this memory so I can look back and be grateful. Grateful for all of the blessings in my life. A home, husband, kids, health, happiness & love.

Sometimes (ok many times) we forget to take a moment. I know I do. And today for that split second I remembered. Remembered to take a step back and just be thankful. 

Nadav: "But is there a prize?"

Me: "Yes our family hug was the prize."

Nadav: "Ugh Mom that's not a prize."

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Throwback to Israel's First-Ever Gov't

As Israel swore in its new unity government earlier this week, here's a throwback to the country's first-ever government and their first meeting in March 1949. At the head of the table is Israel's first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion.

Photo: Beno Rothenberg, the Meitar Collection/National Library of Israel

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Arab Violence
Lawmaker Ben Gvir Attacked by Arab Youth

Lawmaker Itamar Ben Gvir was attacked in the Hasbani River by Arab youth. His parliamentary assistance was injured in her leg.

Police forces arrived at the scene and arrested two young Arab on suspicion of the violent act.

Ben Gvit commented, saying that “the next incident could result in murder.”

Photo: Walla! News

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Israel's North & South
Fires Renew in Southern Israel

Five fires broke out Thursday nearby the communities living along the Gaza border, the Israel Fire and Rescue Services said in a statement.

It is the third consecutive day that Gazans are launching incendiary balloons into Israeli territory, igniting fires in open fields and forests in the western part of the Negev.

Most of them were deemed “small and not dangerous” by Israeli emergency services.

In response on overnight Tuesday, the Israel Air Force struck terror targets in the Gaza Strip. Some 20 fires erupted in the Gaza envelope at the same time when the traditional flag march took place in Jerusalem.

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