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"Iron Swords" - War in Gaza
BATTLE VIDEOS - IAF targets posh Hamas neighborhood in Khan Yunis
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Israeli investments, M&As both near $1 billion despite war
Schwarzenegger lends support to families of Israeli hostages
Arab social media angry at this picture of President Israel in the UAE
WATCH: Delaware Imam: Allah hasn’t turned America into Palestine yet, but the time is coming
NEWSRAEL "Iron Swords" News Summary: Dec. 2 - Morning
US House passes bipartisan bill to deny funds to Iran
Friendship is friendship, but business is business!
Taliban turn back tankers carrying Iranian 'low-quality gasoline'
Gaza surgeon used as pundit by BBC, Sky and CNN wept as he praised terror leader
ARAB VIDEO: IDF destroyed complete Hamas compound in Khan Yunis
Reports: Israel bombed a ballistic missile depot of the Houthi militia in Yemen  
Jihad in the Oakland City Council meeting
NEWSRAEL "Iron Swords" News Summary: Dec. 2 - Overnight
Amazon under fire for ignoring plight of engineer held hostage by Hamas
NY Times: Israel had Hamas' lethal attack blueprint a year ago
NEWSRAEL Question of the Day: Should Israel allow Biden to stop the IDF?
France: Muslims plotted to massacre an entire village, ‘it’s easy’
INDIA: Ex-Army units say they want to fight Hamas
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