Women of Israel
Israeli women enjoy more freedom, gender equality than other countries
# Israeli Women # Women's Rights
Palestinian Lies
WATCH: PA advisor to Abbas: We are true Semites, the Jews’ history is fabricated
# Lies and Conspiracy Myths # Palestinian Lies
ISIS in Africa
Egyptian army kills ISIS mastermind
# Egypt # ISIS Sinai
Israeli Tourism
Video: Postcard from Israel - Rosh Pina
# Israeli Tourism
Iran Proxy: Hezbollah
"The National": If Hezbollah attacks Israel, Lebanon will become Gaza
# Iran Proxy: Hezbollah
Israeli Elections 2022
Arab Joint List secret meetings in Ramallah to stop Netanyahu
# Israeli Elections 2022
The Biden Iran Deal
Will Biden lift Iran sanctions and enable terror?
# Biden Iran Deal
US Elections 2022
Florida Jewish Dems call out Florida Republican Jewish Coalition for backing DeSantis
# Florida # De Santis # USA Elections 2022
Iran Proxy: Hamas
Hamas and Iran breaking up?
# Iran Proxy: Hamas # Hamas in Turkey
Middle East Economic News
The Saudi-Emirati race to own lucrative properties in Egypt
# Middle East Economic News # Egypt # Saudi Arabia
Intra-Arab violence
PA security shot wanted terrorist Muhammad Abu Dara - WATCH
# Nablus # PA Security
The War in Syria
HARSH VIDEO: 5 children among nine killed in Assad market shelling
# Chaos in Syria # War in Syria
Jihadist Indoctrination
Jihad-driven regimes are still here
# World Jihad # Palestinian Incitement and Hatred
Arab Society
WARNING: Shocking video of forced child labor abuse in Lebanon
# Forced Child Labor # Lebanon
Israeli Tourism
A charming artist colony in a former desert army camp
# Israeli Tourism
Radical Left
Michael Hayden, says GOP more dangerous than Al Qaeda, ISIS
# Fanatical Left
Gaza Strip News
Gantz to increase number of work permits to Gaza
# Iran Proxy: Hamas # Gaza Strip # Benny Gantz
Iran Proxy: Hamas
Hamas illegally holds mentally-ill man now 8 years
# Hamas War Crimes # Iran Proxy: Hamas
Israel - India
India-Israel relations growing, trade deal expected soon
# Israel - India
Palestinian Terror
IDF raids Palestinian NGOs accused of terrorism
# Palestinian Terror