Ukraine Crisis
Erdogan Triumphs as Putin Stabs His Own Best Ally in the Back
# Ukraine Crisis # Turkey # Russia
Anti-Israel Actions
Jewish groups slam top Presbyterian for equating Israel and slavery
# Anti-Israel action
Palestinian Terror
‘Jewish’ Left-wing Group Seeks Freedom for Palestinian Terrorist
# Jewish Diaspora News # Palestinian Terror # Anti-Zionism
Expert Opinion
There's a war here in Israel. If we do not wake up quickly, it will end in a severe Zionist defeat - by Kalman Liebskind
# Bedouin # Expert Opinion # Israeli Arab Violence
NEWSRAEL Newsletter
Looking for GREAT materials to post in social media? NEWSRAEL will help you!
# NEWSRAEL Exclusive
Support for Israel
IMPORTANT!!! Former South African chief justice given 10 days to apologize for defending Israel
# South Africa # Support for Israel
The Jewish Point Video Show
The Jewish Point Daily Show - Royal Seals of King Zedekiah's Ministers
# The Jewish Point Video Show
Middle East analysis
Gulf Arabs slam Palestinian terror groups for ‘supporting’ Houthi attacks - KHALED ABU TOAMEH
# Middle East Analysis # Houthi Terrorists # The Arab Coalition
Prager U Video: Was Jesus a Socialist?
# Christianity # Economy
ISIS in Syria
BREAKING: WARNING - Violent videos: ISIS Prisoners in Syrian prison take control, slaughter dozens of guards
# US Military # ISIS in Syria
Made In Israel Video Show
Made in Israel Video Show- A Timeline of Antisemitism Through the Ages
# Made in Israel Video Show
Breaking news
BREAKING: The International Red Cross is victim of a large Cyber Attack
# Cyber Security # Cyber Attack
Joe Biden
Trump wants Biden ‘to do well,’ but thinks he’s ruining America
# Donald Trump # Joe Biden
Palestinian Terror
VIDEO: Palestinians in Gaza stage military march in support of Houthis in Yemen
# Houthi Terrorists # Palestinian Islamic Jihad
The Middle East Analysis Video Show
The Middle East Analysis Video Show - Biden Administration Sides With Terrorist
# Biden Administration # Terrorism # NEWSRAEL TV # The Middle East Analysis Daily Show
Ukraine Crisis
UKRAINE CRISIS - US in talks to find gas alternative to Russia
# Ukraine Crisis # Biden Administration # Qatar
Joe Biden
UKRAINE CRISIS VIDEO: Biden gets it wrong again
# Ukraine Crisis # Joe Biden # Russia
The Iranian Threat
What is Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) doing in Myanmar?
# The Iranian Threat # Myanmar # IRGC Terrorists
The Beautiful Israel Video Show
The Beautiful Israel Video Show - Postcard from Israel - Ein Kerem
# The Beautiful Israel Video Show
Ukraine Crisis
UKRAINE CRISIS: Russian Legislator Fedorov recommends nuking Nevada to convince U.S. that Russia is serious
# Russia # Ukraine