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In growing European trend, Germany freezes UNRWA Gaza aid 
JUDEA AND SAMARIA: The war goes raging on!
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'Son of Hamas' urges Israel to kill his father if hostages not freed
Was the attack on Damascus International Airport (November 26) related to a new Iranian airline?
BREAKING: Report that the hostage handover to Red Cross has NOT been done
'Squad' firebrand Rashida Tlaib's astonishing links to shady Hamas group held liable for DEATH of an American Jew
BREAKING: Two Israeli-Russian hostages on their way to Israel
WATCH: Alyssa Farah Griffin SLAMS women organizations for not condemning Hamas
Israeli Artillery Corps Fires Over 100,000 Shells During the War
PM Netanyahu in video message: There is no way we are not going back to fighting until the end
WATCH: Eylon Levy expertly owns Piers Morgan in an interview
WATCH: Veterans Affairs lawyer faces call to resign after mocking Israelis
Hamas cannot locate Israeli baby held captive in Gaza
BREAKING: Hamas in statement: Members of the Bibas family killed in Gaza; IDF is checking
WATCH *Graphic*: Hamas terrorist executing a resisting civilian
WATCH: Horrific testimony of Aunt of captured 12-year-old
With overwhelming majority: House approves resolution affirming Israel's right to exist
Smotrich: ‘There are two million Nazis in Judea and Samaria’
Biden implies Burlington shooter was motivated by ‘Islamophobia’
WATCH: Biden Admits Doesn't Know Which Americans Are Held Hostage by Hamas
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