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# Anti American Propaganda
Palestinian Hatred and Incitement
VIDEO: Treat Infidels like Biden with contempt
Iranian Incitement and Hatred
VIDEO: God sent IRGC General Qasem Soleimani to crush America's throat
Arab Propaganda
VIDEO - Lebanese 'expert': "US deterred from attacking Iran"
Lies and Conspiracy myths
VIDEO: Senior Hezbollah Official - U.S. and Israel preventing Lebanon from oil
Arab Hatred
VIDEO: America is no longer the leader of the world - This brings joy to the Islamic world!
Hate Speech
VIDEO: At Brooklyn rally crowd chants: 'Death to America!', 'Millions of martyrs are marching to Jerusalem!' 
Jihadis in America
Boston Imam Abdullah Faaruuq: America is a terrible place, unlike Sudan or Afghanistan, where women have the sense to cover themselves
The China Threat
VIDEO: Top Chinese Journalist: Russia does not need China's military assistance, but we won't promise not to provide it 
Palestinian Hatred and Incitement
VIDEO - Palestinian and Lebanese Activists Hold Conference in Support of Russia
Lies and Conspiracy myths
VIDEO: The West does the terror attacks and blames them on Muslims  
The Leftist-Islamist Alliance
Head of Palestinian American lobby group joins conference with terror-group members
ISIS Child Preacher Delivers Mosque Address - Our Goal Is the White House, not Baghdad or Damascus
Islamophobia Hoax
An ‘Islamophobe’ Under Every Bush: Former CAIR/Georgetown Author Tries to Cancel Critics of Jihad
World Jihad
‘Very real reason for concern’: Arab donors hide $8.5 billion to American universities - Part 2 of 2
Fake News
US dismisses Iran's claim of military encounter in Sea of Oman
Middle East analysis
‘Very real reason for concern’: Arab donors hide $8.5 billion to American universities - Part 1 of 2
Arab Hatred
Houthi Islamic Scholar Ibrahim Al-Ubeidi: Trump "The Jew" created the Coronavirus
9/11: 20 years
COVID-19 and 9/11 were orchestrated by Global Zionism as part of a plan to take over the world
Palestinian Lies
VIDEO: Americans "created" ISIS to make Islam look bad
Islamists in the West
Michigan-Based Imam Mustapha Elturk, who endorsed Bernie Sanders: