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# Biden Administration
Biden Administration
WATCH: 'Oh, God!' Hot mic catches surprised reaction during Buttigieg interview on 'The View'
US 2024 Elections
Democrats panic as Trump plans to visit striking auto workers
Chinese Espionage
Chinese spy ops on U.S. soil soar under Biden
Israeli Diplomacy
WATCH: Netanyahu meets and tells president Biden: ‘Working together we can make history’
Biden Administration Foreign Policy
Trump: 'Nobody' attended Biden's 'Surrender' speech at UN [VIDEO]
Biden Administration Foreign Policy
Israel, Middle East minor notes in Biden’s UN General Assembly speech
Biden Administration
‘Union Joe’ to address auto workers strike he said wouldn’t happen
The Mossad
THE MOSSAD'S MESSAGE TO BIDEN: Neutralizing Iran comes before normalization with Riyadh
Biden Administration Foreign Policy
The Biden administration is "punishing" al-Sisi and who benefits from this?
U.S. Economy
UAW TO STRIKE: All big three automakers to strike at the same time for first time in history
VIDEO NEWS: Democrats vs Biden on illegal immigration
Biden Administration Foreign Policy
US boycott continues: Senior Israeli ministers not invited to embassy New Year toast
Biden Administration Foreign Policy
Biden nominates Jack Lew as next US ambassador to Israel
Judicial Reform
Biden Admin continues attacks on Supreme Court following affirmative action ruling
Iran Proxy: Hezbollah
Nasrallah to the Americans: We will CRUSH you in the battle for Syria
Biden Administration
Biden regime’s clueless military has former official of government that chants ‘Death to America’ address symposium
Maui Wildfires
America Last: Biden to Send Maui Less than one-tenth of one percent of what he wants to send Ukraine
Biden Administration
However Bad You Think the Border Mess Is—It's Worse!
Lyin' Biden
WATCH: Biden: “White supremacy is the greatest terrorist threat we face in the Homeland.”
Biden Administration
Again: Biden equates Burqa incident to Palestinian Arab terrorism