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# Culture
World chess champion Carlsen accuses American teen Niemann of cheating
The Culture War
Not afraid of BDS: Israeli religious pop star Hanan Ben Ari talks first U.S. tour
Jewish Holidays
Video: Delicious Rosh Hashana Cake
International Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival returns live
Jerusalem’s Wild Kids Animation Studio stars at Animation Forum
4,000 Attend First Annual Jewish ‘Chosen Comedy Festival’ in New York
Arts & Music
Jerusalem Design Week explores Israeli, international art
Life in Israel
Female Israeli novelists outnumber males for first time
Tel Aviv hosts Israel's largest food festival
SHOCKING TV VIDEO: "If my wife refuses me, I will rape her, douse her in gasoline, light her on fire!!!"
The Jordanian film "Amira", smuggling semen from prison and normalization: A day of turmoil in the Palestinian media
Middle East News
Lebanon: Bare-chested dancers dance in the street to the cheers of Muslim women
Israeli Science & Innovation
Textiles that react to body gestures and glow in the dark
Am Yisrael
Religious and secular Israeli teens find common ground
Israeli Science & Innovation
Leonardo DiCaprio is Investing in Israel’s Aleph Farms
Israeli Science & Innovation
Thanks to an ISRAEL21c article, Israeli avocado plants are growing in India
Israeli Holidays
On Sukkot, Be Happy! It’s a Torah Commandment!
After one season: Netflix has decided to cancel "Hit and Run"
Israeli Cuisine
The 12 best hummus joints in Israel
Feel Good News
EMTs Perform Successful CPR At A Dentist’s Office, Save The Life Of a Holon Man