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# European Appeasement
Palestinian Corruption
Do the Europeans know or care where their aid to the PA goes?
European Action Against Israel
EU envoy: ‘No such thing as Area A and B, it’s all Palestine’
European Action Against Israel
Ignoring warnings, EU Parliament hears testimony from terrorist-affiliated organizations
Israel - EU
EU’s Borrell against conditioning aid on PA dropping antisemitic textbooks
Jihadi Infiltration into the West
France: In some Catholic schools, the student body is nearly 100% Muslim
The Leftist-Islamist Alliance
Sweden: State TV presenter claims that it’s not clear whether Qur’an riots had anything to do with Islam
IRGC Terrorists
Congress presses Europe to designate Iran's IRGC as a terror group
The Biden Iran Deal
Scoop: Iranian, European diplomats meet in Norway for ‘brainstorming’
The Leftist-Islamist Alliance
Iranians outraged by Swiss ambassador’s black veil in shrine visit
ISIS in Europe
WATCH: Newly released recordings of 2015 Paris and Brussels Islamic attackers reveal shocking plans
European Appeasement
EU’s Borrell STILL hopes for a nuclear deal with Iran
European Appeasement
Norway police ban Koran burning protest after Turkey summons Oslo envoy
European Appeasement
Iranians pressuring Europe to designate IRGC as terrorist organization
Palestinian Terror
Memorial for Israeli terror victim held in EU parliament
Iran Proxy: Hezbollah
VIDEO: Is Europe promoting the next Mideast massacre?
European Appeasement
UK government used taxpayer money via deradicalization program to fund jihad orgs and Taliban supporters
European Action Against Israel
EU document proves ‘what we’ve been seeing on the ground’
European Appeasement
ISRAEL: We told you so! Europe wakes up to the danger of Iran
Islamic Hatred of Jews
WATCH: ‘Lion’s Den’ Islamic Murderers Celebrated in Brussel
European Appeasement
Germany: Afghan Muslim migrant stabs two people as interior minister calls for more migration