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# Ilhan Omar
Feeble Joe Biden
‘You look beautiful tonight,’ Biden tells Omar, Tlaib at White House Eid al-Fitr
Biden Administration
Biden regime taps Ilhan Omar to speak at religious freedom event, then hides invitation 
Islamic Hatred of Jews
On spur of the moment, Biden singles out antisemitic lawmaker (Ilhan Omar) for praise
Corrupt Democrats
OMAR Act Would Stop Ilhan From Paying Campaign Cash to Her Hubby
Corrupt Democrats
Ilhan Omar May Have Broken The Law With Her TikTok Account, Watchdog Says
Islamophobia Hoax
Ilhan Omar claims ‘there’s going to be a genocide of 200 million Muslims in India’
Corrupt Democrats
TREND ALERT: 'Squad' democrats funneling money to men they're sleeping with
The Leftist-Islamist Alliance
Muslim reform groups praise Rep. Ilhan Omar’s ouster
Corrupt Democrats
Ilhan Omar’s campaign cash to consultants fell by millions after she removed her husband’s firm from her payroll
The Muslim Brotherhood
REMINDER from 2017: Turkish NBA Star Says Ilhan Omar is on Erdogan’s ‘Payroll'
Expert Opinion
The Ilhan Omar vote is a turning point for American Jews - Jonathan Tobin
Fighting Antisemitism
House strips Omar of Foreign Affairs Committee assignment!
Antisemitism on the Left
Why American Jewish politicians have rushed to defend Ilhan Omar – analysis
Radical Democrats
Watch: Unbelievable Lies from Ilhan Omar!
Fighting Antisemitism
ACT NOW! Demand MSNBC Stop Excusing Ilhan Omar’s Antisemitism!
The Leftist-Islamist Alliance
MSNBC Claims Ilhan Omar’s Antisemitism the Fault of ‘Right Wing Hatemongers'
The Leftist-Islamist Alliance
Why is Ilhan Omar "happy" that a special council has been appointed to investigate Joe Biden?
Fighting Antisemitism
Ilhan Omar to be booted from House Foreign Affairs Committee, Kevin McCarthy says
Fighting Antisemitism
Ilhan Omar is the Democrats’ problem, not Kevin McCarthy’s
Western Appeasement
WATCH: 'Imam of Peace' Tawhidi: Terrorists are outlawed in Arab countries, but move freely in the West!