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# Islamic Hatred of Jews
Palestinian Terror
PA terrorist becomes Fatah’s new poster boy
Palestinian Hatred and Incitement
VIDEO: Palestinian Islamic scholar praises martyrdom; Jews are people of war and corruption
The Muslim Brotherhood
Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Muslim Brotherhood leader, father of suicide-bombing - dead
Palestinian Hatred and Incitement
WATCH: Gaza Islamic Scholar: "Filthy Jews sucking the blood of Palestinian"
Hamas welcomes attack near Modi'in: An act of courage
Israel - Germany
Germany Funds Holocaust-Denial Curriculum in Palestinian Schools
Islamic Hatred Towards Jews
Jerusalem Arab schools on strike, protesting coexistence
Islamic Hatred Towards Jews
Qatar’s UN ambassador denied after anti-Semitic tweets
Fighting Antisemitism
Suspension of ‘Antisemitic’ College Paper Editor Denounced
Israel - Jordan
Jewish tourists menaced in Jordan for ‘illegal’ prayer items
Israel on record terror alert ahead of High Holy Days
Palestinian Terror
Fatah: Arafat deliberately started the intifada terror campaign
The Iranian Threat
Iran Develops Suicide Drones. Target: Tel Aviv
Twitter is Cesspool of Antisemitic Tweets, New Study
Islamic Hatred Towards Jews
Kuwaiti shop shuttered for selling star of David
Palestinian Terror
PA Security Forces founded Martyrs’ Brigades terror cell
Islamic Hatred Towards Jews
Pro-Hamas student union head suspended, antisemitism probe
Islamic Hatred Towards Jews
Arab Muslim leader threatens violence on Rosh Hashanah
Islamic Hatred Towards Jews
Houthi music video: "Jerusalem will be cleansed of the filth of the Jews"
Islamic Hatred Towards Jews
Influential Islamist preacher of Jew-hatred on the run after France issues arrest warrant