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Passing the Navy Torch

This proud grandmother, Tikvah, received her grandson's special pin as a gift after he completed his Israeli Navy diving course. Tikvah herself served in the naval unit of the Palmach prior to Israel's establishment.

"We're already the fourth generation at sea and to see my grandson with the white uniform is kind of a victory."

What a beautiful moment! ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ

via: @Israel Defense Forces

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IDF Chief to Visit Washington June 20

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi will make an official trip to the United States on June 20 for the first time.

Kochavi will discuss with his hosts in the Defense Department and U.S. Armed Forces a slew of shared security challenges, the IDF spokesperson said in a statement.

The discussions will revolve around the Iranian nuclear threat, Iranian efforts to increase their influence across the Middle East, Hezbollah’s strengthening efforts, and the consequences of precise missiles in the battlefield.

The visit was initially scheduled in April but was postponed due to the confrontation between Israel and Gaza.

Photo: Walla! News

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IDF Always on Guard

No worries, the Israel Defense Forces are here -- and they got every angle covered ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Israel Defence
IDF Ceremony this morning

A ceremony was held this morning to welcome new Colonels to their new rankings in the IDF, acknowledging their commitment to the security of all civilians in Israel.  

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US - Israeli Cooperation
Iron Dome benefits the US

Iron Dome benefits the US

The remarkable performance the US-Israel jointly-produced Iron Dome mobile, all-weather, anti-missile defense system – during the May 2021 Gaza war against Hamas terrorists – was another milestone in the mutually-beneficial US-Israel alliance in the face of mutual terrorist threats and in the pursuit of cutting-edge technologies.

The Iron Dome was fully-developed by Israel, mostly funded by the US, and co-manufactured by Israel and (mostly) the US. Upon completion of the development by Israel’s RAFAEL, the game-changing Iron Dome technology was shared with the US’ Raytheon, which spared the US many years and mega-billions of dollars of research and development.

Moreover, the Iron Dome performance during the recent Gaza War has raised the interest of several countries (e.g., South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Poland, the Baltic states and Latin American countries) to acquire the system, which will increase US exports and expand the employment base of the US defense industry.

In addition, the US Army may expand its existing inventory of two Iron Dome batteries, leveraging Israel’s battle experience – which has systematically enhanced the performance of the Iron Dome – in order to advance the defense of its own soldiers.

Hamas – a mutual threat to Israel and the US

Israel’s recent war in Gaza was against Hamas Islamic terrorists, a proxy of Iran’s Ayatollahs, whose machete is at the throat of every pro-US Arab regime, and whose strategic goal is to dominate the Persian Gulf, the Middle East and beyond, by overwhelming the US.

Hamas is a branch of the global Muslim Brotherhood terrorist-political-social network, and a role model of repression and terrorism, which throws its political opponents off the roofs of Gaza towers.

Both Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood – as enunciated by Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna, its key strategist Sayyid Qutb and its top contemporary authority Yusuf al-Qaradawi – view Israel as an “infidel,” illegitimate entity in the “abode of Islam” and a strategic beachhead of the US. They are committed to a “holy war” against the Jewish State, in order to advance the Quran-based mega-goal of dominating the world under a universal Islamic society, which requires the (peaceful or violent) submission of the “infidel” West to Islam. Hence, the multitude of Muslim Brotherhood organizations from Pakistan in the east to South and North America in the west.

Thus, Yusuf al-Qaradawi declared that “Islam will return to Europe as a victorious conqueror after having been expelled twice. This time, it will not be a conquest by the sword, but by preaching and spreading [Islamic] ideology…. The spread of Islam until it conquers the entire world paves the road to the return of the Islamic Caliphate….”

The Muslim Brotherhood considers migration of Muslims to the West as a tactic to overwhelm the “infidel,” just like the 7th century migration (Hijrah) of Muhammed, from Mecca to Medina, which paved the road to the establishment of the Islamic Empire from the Arabian Peninsula to Spain.

Prof. Albert Hourani, who was a leading Middle East historian at Oxford University (A History of the Arab Peoples, pp. 445-446) wrote that the tenets of the Muslim Brotherhood include “a total rejection of all forms of society except the wholly Islamic one… which accepted the sovereign authority of [Allah]…. The leadership of Western man in the human world is coming to an end….”

Moreover, Article 8 of the Hamas charter stipulates that “Jihad [holy war] is the path of Hamas, and death for the sake of Allah is the most exalted wish….” Article 13 states that “There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except Jihad….” Article 31 notes that “The three monotheistic religions – Islam, Christianity and Judaism – can live side by side under the aegis of Islam….”

US benefits from its annual investment in Israel

Israel’s 1967 swift victory over Egypt, Syria and Jordan devastated the pro-USSR and anti-US Egyptian military, which had attempted to overtake the pro-US Arab oil-producing countries, at a time when the US was heavily dependent upon Persian Gulf oil. The Israeli victory denied the USSR a strategic bonanza, and spared the US a national security and economic calamity.

Thus, since 1967, the US-Israel saga has increasingly become a mutually-beneficial, two-way street in the following manner:

  1. Israel is the most productive, cost-effective, battle-tested laboratory for the US defense industries and armed forces, as demonstrated by the F-35, F-16 and F-15 combat aircraft – as well as by hundreds of additional US military systems employed by Israel – which were supplied to Israel and accumulated vast combat experience, operationally, maintenance-wise and repair-wise. This unique Israeli combat experience has promoted US military systems throughout the world, advancing US exports.

The Israeli experience/lessons have been constantly shared with the US manufacturers and the US Air Force. It has upgraded the quality of US combat aircraft, thus sparing the US defense industry many years and billions of dollars in research and development; enhancing US competitiveness in global competition; increasing US exports and expanding the US employment-base. The Israeli battle-tested laboratory has yielded a mega-billion-dollar bonanza to the US defense industries, and enhanced the performance of the US Air Force and other branches of the US military.

Israel’s battle experience has been shared with the US armed forces, such as Special Operation troops on their way to Iraq and Afghanistan, who spend 2-3 weeks in Israel, being trained by Israel’s top experts on neutralizing car-bombs, suicide bombers and the deadly Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Furthermore, the Israeli battle experience (wars and counter-terrorism) has been shared with the US, impacting much of the US Army battle-tactic-formulation in Ft. Leavenworth, KS.

  1. Israel is the most productive outside-source of military intelligence for the US, which has exceeded the intelligence supplied to the US by all NATO countries combined (e.g., the entire Iranian nuclear archive; battle tactics of potential and actual enemies; advantages and disadvantages of hostile military systems; counter-terrorism; and preempting Middle East flareups). Israel has assisted in foiling anti-US terrorism and attempts to topple pro-US Arab regimes.

According to General George Keegan, a former Chief of US Air Force Intelligence: “I could not have procured the intelligence [received from Israel] with five CIAs….”  In order to realistically assess the magnitude of Israel’s contribution to the US intelligence, one should note that the annual budget of the CIA is about $15bn!

  1. Israel is a most innovative hub of US commercial high-tech, second only to the US, hosting research and development centers of some 250 US high-tech giants, such as Intel, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, Apple, HP, Kodak, Google, Facebook, IBM, AOL, Applied Materials, Johnson & Johnson, etc. These US giants leverage the brain power of Israel – the Startup Nation – in order to expand US production, exports and employment.
  2. Israel is a uniquely reliable, effective and democratic outpost of the US in the extremely critical area between Europe, Asia and Africa, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf, which extends the strategic reach of the US, with no need for additional US military personnel.

Also, Israel’s posture of deterrence, defense technologies, battle experience, intelligence network and training capabilities play a major role in securing the highly vulnerable pro-US Arab regimes (e.g., Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Morocco), which face existential threats by Iran’s Ayatollahs, the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS.

As stated by the late General Alexander Haig, a former Supreme Commander of NATO and US Secretary of State: Israel is the largest US aircraft carrier, which does not require a single boot on board, is located in a most strategic area for US military and economic interests, and cannot be sunk. If there were not an Israel in the eastern flank of the Mediterranean, the US would have to dispatch a few more aircraft carriers to the region, in addition to a few more ground divisions, at an annual (manufacturing, deployment, maintenance) cost of $15bn-$20bn.

In conclusion, Israel is a unique military and commercial force-multiplier for the US.

Accordingly, the US makes an annual investment in – rather than extending foreign aid to – Israel, which yields a few hundred percent annual rate-of-return to the American taxpayer.

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Remembering Hadas Malka
June 16, 2017, began like any other Friday with border policewoman Hadas Malka patrolling the Old City of Jerusalem with her unit.
In the evening, moments after the start of Shabbat, two Palestinian Arab terrorists open fired on Hadas' unit while a third terrorist lay waiting and stabbed Hadas to death from behind as she was engaging the other two terrorists.
Despite being surprised from behind, Hadas didn't run away, but bravely battled with the vile terrorist in order to give her unit enough time to shoot him before he could inflict more damage.
Hadas succumbed to her wounds later that evening in the hospital.
Hadas was originally drafted to the Israeli Navy but asked to be transferred to the Border Police because she felt that she could contribute more to the country as a border policewoman.
After finishing her mandatory service, she enlisted in the Border Police for another year-and-a-half in hopes of providing further protection to her country and her people.
She succeeded.
May Hadas's memory be a blessing.
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IDF ICU Unit at Site of Terror Attack

Photo documentation of the IDF Military Intensive Care team from the scene of the attempted terror attack at the Hizma checkpoint. 

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Fire Alert
Incendiary Balloon Attacks Continue

Fire and rescue teams, with the assistance of IDF drones, fire teams from the Hatzor base, and volunteers operated today to put out 4 fires, most of them in the thorny fields of the Eshkol Regional Council.

Most of the fires were small and not dangerous.

It should be noted that the full cooperation between all the forces in addition to the optimal field deployment allowed for rapid control and containment of the fires.

Fire and Rescue Investigators for Israel Southern District determined that the fires were caused by incendiary balloons.

Source: Spokesman for the Fire and Rescue Department of Israel, ๐Ÿ“ทWalla News

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IDF Videos
The work is never done. IDF Search and Rescue Brigade

Our soldiers constantly operate and train to keep Israeli civilians safe. 

This is Sgt. Yael from the Search and Rescue Brigade. These past few weeks she worked hard during Operation Guardian of the Walls to protect Israeli civilians and then continued to further her training in a week long rescue exercise.


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Middle East analysis
IDF Ground forces in Gaza are needed!

Hamas claims that it has forced a new equation on Israel regarding East Jerusalem.
Israeli activity must be increased not only in the Western Wall area but throughout the east of the city and sovereignty must be enforced on a daily basis.

The new government is trying to change the equation that Hamas is trying to impose on Israel, the answer is simple:
It is impossible to defeat Hamas only from the air to destroy its terrorist infrastructure and there is no other way than from a ground entry into the Gaza Strip, or we will continue to roll from one round of fighting to another!

Picture: Hamas tunnel


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Gaza Strip News
IDF spokesman on tonight's attack on Hamas in Gaza (VIDEO)

IDF spokesman: Fighter jets had recently attacked were Hamas military complexes that served as camps 
and meeting places for terrorist operatives in the Khan Yunis and Gaza brigades. Terrorist activity took place in the attacked compound.

The attack was carried out in response to the inflating of incendiary balloons into Israeli territory.
The terrorist organization Hamas is responsible for what is happening in the Gaza Strip and will bear the consequences of its actions.

The IDF is prepared for all scenarios, including the resumption of hostilities, in the face of continued terrorist operations from the Gaza Strip.


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US - Israeli Cooperation
U.S. Generals and Admirals Delegation to Israel

A visit by a delegation of retired generals and admirals (G&A) from the US Army to Israel

The IDF spokesman said that this week, led by the JINSA Research Institute, a delegation of former generals and admirals from the US Army will be hosted in Israel. Among the members of the delegation is the former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, retired General Joseph P. Dunford.

As usual, members of the JINSA delegation will publish a report of recommendations on national security in the United States following visits to Israel.

The Delegation of Generals and Admirals will meet with many IDF officials, including Chief of General Staff Aviv Kochavi, to discuss a variety of issues, including the lessons of Operation Guardian of the Walls, the security situation, strategic plans, and current and future threats to the State of Israel - with an emphasis on Iran.

The delegation will also meet with the Israeli Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense, and other senior government officials.

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Gaza Strip News
Palestinians Arrested After Crossing Gaza Border

More than four demonstrations broke out this evening on the Gaza Strip border. Three Palestinians from among the demonstrators managed to cross the border and were arrested on the spot by IDF forces. After an inspection, they were taken in for questioning.

Photo: Reuters

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Nefesh B'Nefesh-FIDF Lone Soldiers Team Visited the IDF's Newest Recruits!

The Nefesh B'Nefesh-FIDF Lone Soldiers team took a trip up to Michve Alon to visit the IDF's newest recruits!

Olim from across the globe spend the first three months on this base in the north of Israel where they are taught Hebrew and learn about the IDF and Israel, before drafting into their various units.

The team was joined by different government ministries, municipalities, and various organizations who came to assist these soldiers in completing many bureaucratic errands, which they aren't always able to deal with during their limited time off base.

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Are UAVs the Key to Victory on the Future Battlefield?

The IDF is increasing the use of unmanned aircraft. During Operation Guardian of the Walls, the IDF managed to destroy rocket launchers using drones. The establishment of a dedicated unit with advanced drones heralds a new era on the battlefield, but it is not enough to stop Hezbollah. Israel must prepare for the war of the future, and UAV's may be a key to success. Moshe Reuveny, from Young Diplomats, analyzes the situation and gives us both context and insight.


The difficult and bloody battle in Binat Jabal from the Second Lebanon War is deeply ingrained in the Israeli public. This is due to the heroism and courage of Golani combat soldiers who were outnumbered, in a tactically inferior position- surrounded by Hezbollah fighters. The price was heavy: eight Golani soldiers were killed as well as 23 wounded. Along with the commendable heroism of the soldiers, the incident could have ended completely differently without the intervention of then-Golani Battalion Commander Tamir Yedi, who was in the command bunker in Malkia. Thanks to a drone that filmed the incident, and despite the difficulty to identify the source of the shooting, Yedi noticed that most of the Hezbollah members were stationed near the mosque that was close to colliding. Yedi immediately summoned Air Force fighter jets, which assisted in the elimination of several terrorists.

As mentioned, this is one of many examples of the increasing use of unmanned aircraft in the IDF. According to Dr. Uzi Rubin, an expert in missile threats and missile defense, the use of unmanned aircraft began as early as the middle of the 20th century. According to him, the modern UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is an Israeli production. Its source is toy planes, on which ordinary commercial cameras have been installed, to gather intelligence about the Egyptian army's deployment in the west bank of the Suez Canal during the War of Attrition. Rubin added that the fame that the Israeli UAVs gained came in the wake of Operation Mole Cricket 19 during the first Lebanon war, which led to the almost complete destruction of the Syrian air defense system. As a result, there has been a growing demand in various armies around the world for this industry.

In Operation Guardian of the Walls, the IDF and Israel's defense establishments succeeded in severely damaging Hamas' strategic asset: the "metro," which included tens of kilometers of tunnels, thanks to quality intelligence. Contrary to Hamas' attempt this week to present business as usual on the metro, the IDF has managed to torpedo the strategic weapon that the organization has been working on for many years (at the expense of Gaza residents of course) which included combatant lodgings, command and control systems, military equipment, weapons, and even rocket launch sites that include mortar shells and anti-tank weapons, intelligence gathering capabilities, the possibility of sniping, and the preparation of explosives.

In addition to destroying the metro, the IDF eliminated 200 reported terrorists, including senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad figures. In addition, the IDF severely damaged Hamas' production capabilities and damaged both regime structures and terrorist infrastructure. Moreover, according to an IDF spokesman before the operation, Hamas had autonomous submarines that could carry explosives weighing tens of kilograms and were intended to hit Israel's gas rigs and damage Israeli Navy ships. During the operation, the IDF managed to hit the naval force, which also included a unit of divers and speedboats. Needless to say, quite a few of these capabilities were under Iranian aid and guidance.

During Operation Guardian of the Walls, the IDF managed to destroy rocket launchers using drones, which prevented Hamas from launching rockets into Israeli territory. Unlike the Second Lebanon War, this was not done through a senior commander and from a remote bunker, but near the border by a specially trained company of soldiers, whose whole purpose is to expose the enemy before firing, and attack just before he disappears using UAVs that do not endanger human life (fighter pilots or fighters in the field). Furthermore, the tiny aircraft are dozens of times cheaper to operate. However, their increasing use has not yet helped neutralize the power of Hamas and the Jihad to stop the massive firing on Israel.

And perhaps here lies the difference between a clear decision and a vague victory and temporary deterrence over the terrorist organizations. The purpose of Operation Wall Guard was to deprive Hamas of its capabilities as much as possible and bring about deterrence. Israel entered the current round against Hamas reluctantly and therefore did not intend to overthrow the organization. According to IDF Chief of Staff Kochavi, during the operation, Israel severely damaged Hamas and Islamic Jihad and denied these organizations many capabilities, including in the field of missile production capability.

Such a strategic decision has a price and means that Hamas' launch capability cannot be eliminated from the air alone since its rocket array (similar to that of Hezbollah) is in underground tunnels. That is, Hamas copied Hezbollah's model that the IDF faced in 2006. To harm the functional continuity of the organization and eradicate the Strip from the terrorist nests and thousands of rockets still in the organization's possession, a massive ground entry is required.

In 2007 as part of the lessons learned from the Second Lebanon War, The National Emergency Authority (Reshut Heyrum Le'umit or "Rachel" for short),  was established under the Ministry of Defense, with the role of uniting all the organizations involved in dealing with the home front in an emergency. In addition, in 2012, "Rachel" was merged with the Ministry of Home Front Defense.

The next government, in coordination with the Ministry of Defense together with "Rachel", must prepare the ground for the public, for what may happen in the next confrontation in the north. The current round against Hamas will be seen as a child's play in comparison with Hezbollah, which has an arsenal of 150,000 missiles. 

Meanwhile, the establishment of a dedicated unit with advanced drones heralds a new era on the battlefield that should, among other things, prevent casualties among our forces. However, it is not enough to stop Hezbollah during an armed confrontation with it. The only way it will be possible to stop the barrage of missiles that will fly non-stop towards Israel is through a wide military maneuver.

Images Source: Moshe Reuveny, Young Diplomats

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Soldiers save a sea turtle!

This week the IDF helped return a sea turtle, named Lahav, back to the sea after she had been injured several months ago. After a long rehabilitation, the soldiers, who are part of the "Army for the Protection of Nature" project, saw her off. Beautiful! 

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Middle East analysis
Foreign news site: The Assad regime provides Israel with intelligence information to attack Iranian sites in Syria

The news site A-Nas News reported that a Western diplomat said that Bashar al-Assad had been assisting "for a very long time", directly or through a third party, Israel by providing it with intelligence on military sites belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia in Syria, for the purpose of attacking them.

The source stressed that although Israel has excellent intelligence on the locations of the Iranian militias, Assad's partnership with Israel comes from a search for a "quick breakthrough" for the Assad regime, which will rescue him from isolation at the regional and international level, and thus bring Syria's return to the international community.

The source, who refused to reveal his name to the newspaper, referred to the growing chasm and rupture in the bilateral relations between the Assad regime and Tehran, and the rupture of trust between the two sides. Evidence of this was that the Iranian militias, he said, had increased security operations in their areas of control and treated Syrian officials more carefully.

In this context, an Israeli strategic expert revealed that Syria, during Assad's rule, does not pose any strategic threat to it, and attributed this to the strengthening of Syrian-Israeli relations through understandings between Israel and Russia.

The announcement comes as Iranian militia defense ministries witness radical changes in the structure of institutions and the appointment of new commanders, and recent press reports say Tehran has succeeded in building an integrated military security empire in the areas it controls Syria.

Meanwhile, Israeli fighter jets have escalated their military operations and attacks on sites belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia since the beginning of the year, when Israel began 2021 with three airstrikes aimed twice at Iranian sites in the Al-Kiswa area west of Damascus and the western western region of Damascus. In southern Syria.

Israeli fighter jets carried out airstrikes on sites in the rural areas of Damascus and Homs last Wednesday, attacks that were the first to be carried out by Israel after the Assad regime's fake elections at the end of last month. In this context, press reports in Israel have revealed its intention to continue attacking military sites where Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia are staying in Syria to prevent an Iranian deployment near its borders.

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IDF Holds Operational Forum for Learning from Operation The Guardian of the Walls

The IDF Spokesman stated that an operational learning forum, for the initial summary of Operation Guardian of the Walls, was held today under the chairmanship of the Chief of the General Staff, Major General Aviv Kochavi.

This forum is part of the analysis and learning process that will take place in the coming months in the IDF. These analyses will deal with the IDF's preparations and readiness for war, the learning process during the operation, lessons for immediate application, and more.

During July, analyses and investigations will be presented at the various levels of command. In the end, a General Staff Learning Forum is expected, which will last two days with the participation of all members of the General Staff Forum and other senior commanders. 

In August, there will be another operational forum that will deal with the presentation of the lessons learned, and the process of assimilating them into the IDF.

During today's forum, the commanders were updated on the general operational and intelligence situation, the immediate lessons learned in a variety of fields, and the presentation of IDF readiness for the possibility of further escalation in the Gaza Strip in the near future.


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Soldier Sing to Honor Child Killed by Terrorists

WATCH: In a moving moment, soldiers from the Home Front Command came together and sang in the southern Israeli neighborhood where 5-year-old Ido Avigal was murdered by a rocket fired by terrorists in Gaza during Operation Guardian of the Wall last month. 

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Hamas Balloon Unit Threatens Israel

The Hamas balloon unit threatened that starting tomorrow morning they will begin setting the Gaza Envelope on fire. 

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