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# Anti-Israel Propaganda
Jihadi Infiltration into the West
SERIES: The Top Ten Jew-Hating Professors in America - #3: Lara Sheehi, George Washington University
REPORT: Hamas leaders going underground now! Sends out Hamas Nazi propaganda video instead - WATCH
Fake News
BBC investigation: Russia funds platform in Arabic that spreads "Fake News"
Arab Propaganda
VIDEO REPORT: Al Jazeera is Fake News
Arab Propaganda
Journalists invited on EU taxpayer-funded ‘propaganda tour’ to the "West Bank"
Antisemitism on the Left
California professor with history of pro-terrorism comments honored
Palestinian Lies and Deception
George Washington University Investigating Students for Justice in Palestine
Arab Propaganda
Israelis cancel Netflix subscription over 'Nakba' movie
Arab Propaganda
Netflix to premier drama showing IDF troops killing Palestinian babies
Palestinian Lies and Deception
MUST-SEE VIDEO: The True Origins of BDS
Iran Proxy: Hamas
VIDEO: Hamas to Arab media: You are helping the enemy!
Operation "Breaking Dawn"
Missiles and Propaganda
Palestinian Lies and Deception
VIDEO: PA still addicted to blaming Israel for drug “epidemic” 
Palestinian Lies and Deception
Amnesty Int’l bemoans ‘lost childhood’ of knife-wielding terrorist
Palestinian Lies and Deception
Blaming Israel, Democrats call for US involvement in probe of journalist’s death
Arab Propaganda
What lies behind Al Jazeera broadcasts?
World Hypocrisy Against israel
Official Iran site: Hollywood stars denounce Israel
Social Media Tyranny
Twitter Greenlights Palestinian Celebration of Axe Murderers
The Iranian Threat
IRGC: Israeli leaders bought land in Latin America to run to
Holocaust Inversion: Unmasking the False Comparisons of Palestinians to the Holocaust