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# Operation Guardian of the Walls
Israeli-Arab Violence
Shabak head: We will arrest all Israeli-Arabs for violence during Gaza OP in May 2021
Operation "Guardian of the Walls"
Shabak arrests five Arabs for lynching in Acre of Jewish man
Operation "Guardian of the Walls"
2021 VIDEOS released: Bombing tunnel, Hamas extracting dead bodies
Operation "Guardian of the Walls"
After a year - suspects arrested in murder of Israeli scientist
Operation "Guardian of the Walls"
18 Hamas terrorists in the tunnel: How Israel thwarted attempt to kidnap soldiers
Operation "Guardian of the Walls"
IDF reveals how they killed Hamas engineers
Operation "Guardian of the Walls"
Last year's war: 4 Female troops can finally speak out
Palestinian Terror
Naomi Perlman, a 91-year-old Holocaust survivor Succumbs to Injuries From Gaza War Rocket Barrage
Israeli-Arab Violence
The Shabak (GSS) arrests Lod residents for terrorist activities during Operation Guardian of the Walls
War on Terror
The GSS deciphered a shooting attack in Lod that occurred on May 21 in which an Israeli was injured
IDF sources: The chief of staff accelerated an attack plan against the rocket system in Gaza
Operation "Guardian of the Walls"
The State Attorney's Office: Residents of Lod who physically defended the neighborhood during riots acted lawfully
People of the IDF
During Operation “Guardian of the Walls” an officer meets his new son
IDF Military Operation
How will the IDF decide the next campaign in Gaza? 5 months after "The Guardian of the Walls"
Antisemitism in Great Britain
Palestinian Lies and Deception
PA TV Libel: Israel Wanted to Destroy Gaza’s Agriculture During 2021 War
Terrorists Arrested
Operation "Guardian of the Walls"
IDF Admits Only Several Terrorists Died in Massive Gaza Strike
Acre Restaurant and Hotel Destroyed by May Riots Now Rebuilt, and are Hugely Successful!
Indictment Filed Against 5 Defendants for Acts of Terrorism