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3 Jaffa residents will be charged after throwing a Molotov cocktail injuring a 12-year-old

The Tel Aviv District Attorney's Office filed indictments in the city district court today against three Arab residents of Jaffa for attempted murder after they threw molotov cocktails at houses in the city during Operation Guardian of the Wall, when in one case a 12-year-old boy was fatally injured.

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Are UAVs the Key to Victory on the Future Battlefield?

The IDF is increasing the use of unmanned aircraft. During Operation Guardian of the Walls, the IDF managed to destroy rocket launchers using drones. The establishment of a dedicated unit with advanced drones heralds a new era on the battlefield, but it is not enough to stop Hezbollah. Israel must prepare for the war of the future, and UAV's may be a key to success. Moshe Reuveny, from Young Diplomats, analyzes the situation and gives us both context and insight.


The difficult and bloody battle in Binat Jabal from the Second Lebanon War is deeply ingrained in the Israeli public. This is due to the heroism and courage of Golani combat soldiers who were outnumbered, in a tactically inferior position- surrounded by Hezbollah fighters. The price was heavy: eight Golani soldiers were killed as well as 23 wounded. Along with the commendable heroism of the soldiers, the incident could have ended completely differently without the intervention of then-Golani Battalion Commander Tamir Yedi, who was in the command bunker in Malkia. Thanks to a drone that filmed the incident, and despite the difficulty to identify the source of the shooting, Yedi noticed that most of the Hezbollah members were stationed near the mosque that was close to colliding. Yedi immediately summoned Air Force fighter jets, which assisted in the elimination of several terrorists.

As mentioned, this is one of many examples of the increasing use of unmanned aircraft in the IDF. According to Dr. Uzi Rubin, an expert in missile threats and missile defense, the use of unmanned aircraft began as early as the middle of the 20th century. According to him, the modern UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is an Israeli production. Its source is toy planes, on which ordinary commercial cameras have been installed, to gather intelligence about the Egyptian army's deployment in the west bank of the Suez Canal during the War of Attrition. Rubin added that the fame that the Israeli UAVs gained came in the wake of Operation Mole Cricket 19 during the first Lebanon war, which led to the almost complete destruction of the Syrian air defense system. As a result, there has been a growing demand in various armies around the world for this industry.

In Operation Guardian of the Walls, the IDF and Israel's defense establishments succeeded in severely damaging Hamas' strategic asset: the "metro," which included tens of kilometers of tunnels, thanks to quality intelligence. Contrary to Hamas' attempt this week to present business as usual on the metro, the IDF has managed to torpedo the strategic weapon that the organization has been working on for many years (at the expense of Gaza residents of course) which included combatant lodgings, command and control systems, military equipment, weapons, and even rocket launch sites that include mortar shells and anti-tank weapons, intelligence gathering capabilities, the possibility of sniping, and the preparation of explosives.

In addition to destroying the metro, the IDF eliminated 200 reported terrorists, including senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad figures. In addition, the IDF severely damaged Hamas' production capabilities and damaged both regime structures and terrorist infrastructure. Moreover, according to an IDF spokesman before the operation, Hamas had autonomous submarines that could carry explosives weighing tens of kilograms and were intended to hit Israel's gas rigs and damage Israeli Navy ships. During the operation, the IDF managed to hit the naval force, which also included a unit of divers and speedboats. Needless to say, quite a few of these capabilities were under Iranian aid and guidance.

During Operation Guardian of the Walls, the IDF managed to destroy rocket launchers using drones, which prevented Hamas from launching rockets into Israeli territory. Unlike the Second Lebanon War, this was not done through a senior commander and from a remote bunker, but near the border by a specially trained company of soldiers, whose whole purpose is to expose the enemy before firing, and attack just before he disappears using UAVs that do not endanger human life (fighter pilots or fighters in the field). Furthermore, the tiny aircraft are dozens of times cheaper to operate. However, their increasing use has not yet helped neutralize the power of Hamas and the Jihad to stop the massive firing on Israel.

And perhaps here lies the difference between a clear decision and a vague victory and temporary deterrence over the terrorist organizations. The purpose of Operation Wall Guard was to deprive Hamas of its capabilities as much as possible and bring about deterrence. Israel entered the current round against Hamas reluctantly and therefore did not intend to overthrow the organization. According to IDF Chief of Staff Kochavi, during the operation, Israel severely damaged Hamas and Islamic Jihad and denied these organizations many capabilities, including in the field of missile production capability.

Such a strategic decision has a price and means that Hamas' launch capability cannot be eliminated from the air alone since its rocket array (similar to that of Hezbollah) is in underground tunnels. That is, Hamas copied Hezbollah's model that the IDF faced in 2006. To harm the functional continuity of the organization and eradicate the Strip from the terrorist nests and thousands of rockets still in the organization's possession, a massive ground entry is required.

In 2007 as part of the lessons learned from the Second Lebanon War, The National Emergency Authority (Reshut Heyrum Le'umit or "Rachel" for short),  was established under the Ministry of Defense, with the role of uniting all the organizations involved in dealing with the home front in an emergency. In addition, in 2012, "Rachel" was merged with the Ministry of Home Front Defense.

The next government, in coordination with the Ministry of Defense together with "Rachel", must prepare the ground for the public, for what may happen in the next confrontation in the north. The current round against Hamas will be seen as a child's play in comparison with Hezbollah, which has an arsenal of 150,000 missiles. 

Meanwhile, the establishment of a dedicated unit with advanced drones heralds a new era on the battlefield that should, among other things, prevent casualties among our forces. However, it is not enough to stop Hezbollah during an armed confrontation with it. The only way it will be possible to stop the barrage of missiles that will fly non-stop towards Israel is through a wide military maneuver.

Images Source: Moshe Reuveny, Young Diplomats

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Gaza Strip News
Al-Jazeera Report On Hamas' Tunnel Complex In Gaza: Tunnels Suffered Only Limited Damage, Are Operational And Constitute A Strategic Weapon For Future War With Israel

Al-Qassam Brigades Fighter: "This Is One Of The Command And Control Centers That Were Used During The War... It Is Ready With All The Equipment And Devices In Order To Command Operations And Organize The Troops"

Reporter: "This is the first time that the Al-Qassam Brigades releases such images of tunnels following the recent war. These are rooms, communication devices, and maps that are used by the Al-Qassam Brigades to conduct the battles and operations against the Israeli army."

Jihad, Al-Qassam Brigades fighter: "Now we are walking inside a network of tunnels that spans the entire Gaza Strip. It was used during the recent war to conduct combat operations. This is one of the command and control centers that were used during the war, and it is still being used after the war. As you can see, it is ready with all the equipment and the devices in order to command the operations and organize the troops."

Al-Qassam Brigades Fighter: "We Incurred Only Limited Damage [In The Recent Fighting]... Immediately After The War Ended, We Renovated This Area And Restored Its Readiness"

Reporter: "Long and extended passages, ammunition depots, and rocket launch pads, are all part of this underground military and operational complex, as claimed by the Al-Qassam Brigades.

"The Israeli army said that this complex was one of its main targets in the recent war against the Gaza Strip, and that most of it was destroyed, rendering these tunnels nonoperational. However, Al-Qassam Brigades is talking only about partial damage."

Musa, Al-Qassam Brigades fighter: "We incurred only limited damage. Thanks to Allah, immediately after the war ended, we have renovated this area and restored its readiness."

Al-Jazeera Reporter: "Al-Qassam Brigades Considers These Tunnels To Be A Strategic Weapon In Gaza, And Believes That The Will Remain The Main Battlefield In Any Future War Against Israel"

Reporter: "Al-Qassam has been building and developing its tunnels for decades, and used them in many combat missions and operations, of which the most prominent was the capturing of Israeli soldiers. Al-Qassam Brigades considers these tunnels to be a strategic weapon in Gaza, and believes that they will remain the main battlefield in any future war against Israel. Hisham Zaqqut, Al-Jazeera, reporting from Gaza, Palestine."


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Know the Enemy: Al-Jazeera and the Media Jihad

For years, I have been calling on every possible platform to declare Al-Jazeera a hostile corporation and to ban its activities in Israel, just as Israel bans the activities of Hezbollah's Al-Manar, Iran's Al-Alam, and Hamas' Al-Aqsa. Why? Because Al-Jazeera is a bitter enemy of Israel, no less than these three channels.

Watching al-Jazeera, the footage and reports broadcast on it, listening to the presenters and commentators, proves how one-sided it is. In times of clashes between Israel and Hamas, al-Jazeera enlists the help of Hamas and fully cooperates with the organization. To give an example of this claim, I will describe here a case that happened during Operation Guardian of the Walls, on Friday morning, May 14.

At about 6 o'clock, I was called from the Al-Jazeera office in Ramallah to request a telephone interview, without video, at 7:30. This was strange to me since nowadays the media channels put up interviewees using video apps like Skype and Zoom, and that's what I offered them, but they insisted on just a phone call. It was strange to me, but I went with them and so it was. The interview lasted about 14 minutes, a long time by all accounts.

What did viewers see during the interview? Not the interviewer, not me, but a stationary view of Gaza City, a general feed in live video, the camera unmoving. In the background, the voices of the interviewer and myself were heard. What is the point of media television in presenting a general view of Gaza from a static video camera and hiding the speakers?

The answer is clear: Al-Jazeera has presented a general view of Gaza for three purposes:

1. Footage of Israeli missiles landing on Gaza to show live, again and again, how Israel is attacking areas inhabited by peaceful people. And if al-Jazeera succeeds in capturing live harm to the civilians, it will be proof that Israel is attacking citizens who are doing nothing against Israel.

2. Denying the Israeli claim that Hamas fighters launch missiles from civilian areas because the viewers do not see any launch. But here a question arises: If Hamas fighters fired missiles from the area the camera shows, Israel will have proof that they are launching them from a civilian environment. And the answer is that Hamas and al-Jazeera coordinated with each other. The channel filmed an area that Hamas refrained from firing from in the minutes the camera was aimed at it. They assume that Israel will attack in this area because there is Hamas infrastructure or missiles ready to be launched, but Hamas itself refrained from launching so that it would not be shown live.

3. Broadcasting of this urban landscape for long minutes is intended to prevent Israel from attacking targets in the filmed area so that the attack is not recorded live. They know that Israeli intelligence is following the channel, and warns against attacking the broadcast area. The footage was intended to protect Hamas's activities in the area.

Thus, al-Jazeera does not report on what is happening, but participates directly in Hamas' fighting, in full coordination with the organization's combat elements.

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Human Rights Organizations are Silent in Front of Antisemitism
Author: NGO Monitor
Organizations such as "Amnesty International", "Human Rights Watch" (HRW), and "Oxfam" — who did not let a day of Operation Guardian of the Walls go by without some condemnation of Israel’s actions in Gaza — have had hardly a word to say about the ongoing violence directed at Jews, sometimes just blocks from their own offices in New York and London.
In stark contrast to the solidarity they displayed with other minorities in recent years, Diaspora Jews now find themselves facing this latest onslaught of hate entirely alone. This indifference shouldn’t surprise us.
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Hamas Operated From AP's Building in Gaza

The Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, met last night (Monday) with the heads of the AP news agency in New York.

Erdan notified them that Hamas terrorist organization was operating from the agency's building in the Gaza Strip, in order to develop tools that would be able to disrupt the IDF's Iron Dome defense system, and - in turn - hurt more Israeli citizens.

The meeting between Erdan and the heads of AP took place in an attempt to restore the positive relationship between Israel and the news agency, after the IDF attacked its building in the Gaza Strip during operation "Guardian of the Walls", due to Hamas operating from the building.

📸 Reuben Castro


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Operation "Guardian of the Walls"
Report: Bassem Issa was killed in IDF attack

This is Bassem Issa, the northern brigadier general of Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the brother of Marwan Issa, Muhammad Deif's deputy.  The IDF eliminated him during Operation "Guardian of the Walls". Hamas has revealed that it he that set up and ran the "shadow unit" that had kept Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit captive by Hamas.

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Hamas Preparing for Next Round?

Hamas terrorist organization began restoring its tunnel system that was damaged during operation "Guardian of the Walls", as well as manufacturing rockets for the next round of fighting against Israel.

Hamas is trying to put pressure on Israel to promote a prisoner exchange deal on its own terms. Its demand is that Israel release hundreds of murderous terrorists, in return to the four captive and missing Israelis.


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Hamas' Psychological Warfare?

Al-Jazeera published a recording of Hamas terrorist organization, of what was defined as a "captured Israeli soldier".

Some have speculated that it may be Avera Mengistu, an Israeli citizen held captive by Hamas, but the Mengistu family said that the voice on the recording does not sound like the voice of Avera ​​Mengistu.

The coordinator of the prisoners and the missing soldiers said that "Hamas is in distress following the severe hits it has taken during operation "Guardian of the Walls", and is attempting here a cheap and transparent manipulation.


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People of Israel
Thousands of Israelis travelled south to support the region

Two weeks passed since "Guardian of the Walls" has concluded, and many Israelis are in support of the hurting south. Thousands of Israelis visited Gaza envelope cities and national parks, which suffered many hits last month during the confrontation. 

Kibbutz Nir Oz received 50 bikers from the center who wanted to show their solidarity with the local residents. The guests attended a lecture on what the locals witnessed during the combat. "It's important that residents of the central region would come here and experience this place for themselves, and know what we're dealing with better" said Nir Oz resident, Yossi Vahav. 

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Islamic Hatred Towards Jews
Jihad Memorial Ceremony in Gaza

Islamic Jihad had a memorial ceremony for terrorists killed in the latest confrontation with Israel "Guardians of the Walls".

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Operation "Guardian of the Walls"
How the IDF Analyzed Hundreds of Kilometers of the Hamas "Metro"

A series of attacks that provided a particularly significant success for the IDF, and a long-term strategic achievement during Operation Guardian of the Walls, is the attack on Hamas' tunnel system in the Gaza Strip - the "Metro".

Behind the long nights of complex fighting are many years of intelligence research, targeted collection, and construction of hundreds of miles of underground routes. So how did the most complex action of Guardian of the Walls come to be?

Hamas' plans of underground tunnels have occupied the IDF since its discovery. Over the years, a variety of tactical means have been used to produce geographical maps of this complex terrain.

In the first phase, units engaged in massive intelligence gathering. The vast amounts of information were processed with the help of technological developments, and the use of huge amounts of data. All the information was then combined into one clear picture.

When mapping the "metro" infrastructure was obtained, intelligence personnel focused on creating double "maps" for the Gaza Strip: the aboveground and the underground. Relevant areas were anchored using artificial intelligence technologies - applications that enable visual intelligence analysis through drones, photos, and dedicated sensors. In real-time, over the years, they monitored the changes on the ground, including any progress in Hamas' tunnel program.

This technology was also used to identify targets (for example, launch stations) and destroy them in real-time during the operation. In the first days of the operation, hundreds of such targets were destroyed, half of them with the help of artificial intelligence, and working methods that were perfected while already in motion.

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Gaza Sabotage Experts Tried to Use Missile Remains Against Israel

Today, around 4:00 PM, a loud explosion was heard in the west-central Gaza Strip.

According to official announcements in Gaza, the source of the explosion was the neutralization of fallen remains from Operation Wall Guard.

But, according to sources in Gaza, that the story is completely different.

Since this morning, several checkpoints have been set up in various areas throughout the Strip.

Hamas military "sabotage experts" tried to "neutralize" fallen remains from the operation, not to destroy them but to use them against the State of Israel at the first opportunity.

The attempt failed caused an explosion.


Source: Field Security News

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Drone Located on Agricultural Land

Earlier this morning, a drone that was shot down by air defense fighters during Operation Guardian of the Walls was located on agricultural land in the Eshkol Regional Council.

Source: Field Security News

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Hamas and Syria to Reconciliate?

Sources in Hamas terrorist organization say that following the war with Israel, important progress has been made in reconciliation talks between the movement's leadership and Syrian President Bashar Assad. The Syrian president congratulated Hamas on its "achievements" in the war against Israel and hamas thanked Assad and view this as an opportunity for reconciliation after a ten-year disconnect.

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Hamas Terror Tunnels: Over 100 km Destroyed in Operation Guardian of the Walls

The IDF boasts of damaging 100 kilometers of tunnels in Operation Guardian of the Walls. The Hamas 'metro' has been destroyed! This achievement should be discussed while examining the purpose of digging these tunnels.

The purpose of the tunnels would have been primarily defensive, to prevent an attacker from easily occupying an area, suspend any attack, and cause bloodshed. These tunnels also allow for the survival of the terrorists. With these two parameters, the Hamas tunnels succeed in achieving their goal.

The Israel Defense Forces refrained from entering the Gaza Strip from the ground for fear of high casualties and a long-term confrontation in the Strip.

A large number of terrorist operatives and Hamas leaders were not harmed in the IDF attack, because they hid in tunnels under the houses of civilians and public institutions.

The Israeli Air Force has indeed developed the capability to destroy tunnels from the air. This capability is not new and has been tried several times in the past.

The surprise was in the number of simultaneous hits, due to the number of planes and bombs deployed in a short time. 

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Palestinian Lies
Watch Bill Maher Speak the Truth!

American comedian Bill Maher responded to famous model Bella Hadid after she posted numerous anti-Israel comments and filmed herself chanting "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free," -- a call to annihilate the Jewish state.

Maher is a breath of fresh REASON. Thank you for standing with Israel, Bill!

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Gaza War: Israel Police Neutralize Duds, Shrapnel

Watch Israel Police sappers neutralize and dispose of duds, rocket and missile interceptors shrapnel that remained scattered on the ground following Israel’s latest war with Gaza.

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Operation "Guardian of the Walls"
Special interview with Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Middle East and Arab expert, VP of NEWSRAEL

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Middle East and Arab expert, VP of NEWSRAEL in an extensive interview covering the many issues from 
the IDF operation in Gaza: "Guardian of the Walls"
Watch and learn many issues not reported on, or passed over in the "Media".


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Israel Fighter Pilot Talks Gaza Operation

Israel Air Force (IAF) Commander of Hatzerim Airbase, Brig. Gen. Aviad Dagan, talked to outlet Walla! News about Operation Guardian of the Walls as the ceasefire in Israel’s south was held more than a week after Jerusalem and Hamas agreed to it.

“It happened very fast,” Dagan said.

“[Boming of] the towers, the subterranean [infrastructure], also the killing of terrorists,” he commented on the achievement of the IAF during the latest round of hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

On the role of the pilot, the commander sounds somewhat philosophical. “When a pilot arrives to strike in the Gaza Strip, he is not eager for battle, with a knife between his teeth,” Dagan stipulated. ”We strike in the heart of a civilian population. We all understand the magnitude of the hour and the magnitude of our responsibility; that if we make a bad hit against those uninvolved [in the fighting], the State of Israel will face escalation.”

“Our actions in Gaza are surgical,” Dagan adds. “No military in the world knows how to do this thing [take down high-rise buildings] -- not the precise damage, nor refraining from inflicting harm to innocents.”

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