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# Radical Democrats Against Israel
The Leftist-Islamist Alliance
North Carolina Democrats Push for State To Mourn 'Catastrophe' of Israel's Creation
Radical Democrats
Biden ‘blackmailing’ Israel to keep silent on Iran deal in exchange for Saudi peace
Anti-Israel Actions
Blinken cancels visit to Israel
Radical Democrats
US ultimatum to Netanyahu: Drop bill limiting aid to PA Arabs, score a meeting with Biden
Radical Democrats
White House Caves to Anti-Israel Pressure on Anti-Semitism Rollout
Radical Democrats
US Denounces Bill Taxing Anti-Israel NGOs Operating in the Country
Radical Democrats
16 Senate Democrats say Israel still falls short of Visa Waiver Program requirements
Radical Democrats
Ted Cruz challenger who says he's pro-Israel rakes in $200K from anti-Israel group
George Soros
LA’s Soros-Backed DA Sitting on 10,000 Cases
Radical Left
Left-wing Groups Push White House to Weaken Recognized Anti-Semitism Definition
Radical Democrats
ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Why Biden might be the Dems’ last pro-Israel president
Biden Administration Foreign Policy
US condemns move to allow return to Homesh
Radical Democrats
U.S. Administration Seeks Regime Change In Israel – Ken’s Thought of the Week
US - Israeli Cooperation
House votes 401-19 to honor Israel’s 75th anniversary - who voted AGAINST?
Radical Democrats
How Some Americans Support Terrorism Against Israel
Radical Democrats
WATCH: Jewish Father of Victim Calls Out Jerry Nadler to His Face for Not Condemning Antisemitic Hate Crime
Whatever Happened to “Never Again”?
Radical Left
Israeli sovereignty and American intervention
The Biden Iran Deal
The White House Has No Plan to Stop Iran
Corrupt Democrats
OMAR Act Would Stop Ilhan From Paying Campaign Cash to Her Hubby