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# The Holy Land
Radical Left
Horrific endgame of the protest movement EXPOSED!
The Land of Israel
Pompeo & Friedman guide viewers through ‘ancient mysteries’ of Israel’s ‘Route 60: The Biblical Highway’
Judea & Samaria
I Have a Right to Live in Judea and Samaria
Biblical Archaeology
Israel to Protect Archaeological Sites in Biblical Heartland
Sites from the Holy Land
GLORIOUS VIDEO: The Holy Land - from the air!
The Beauty of Israel
AERIAL VIDEO: The Holy Land - from the air!
Sites from the Holy Land
OFF THE BEATEN TRACK: Biblical City of (Tel) Dan – Beauty and History
The Bible
OFF THE BEATEN TRACK: Biblical House of the Shunamite Woman
US-Israel Relations
Arkansas State Lawmakers Approve Strategic Partnership with State of Israel, Including Judea, Samaria
Jewish Holidays
Israel Prepares for Shavuot, the Holiday With 4 Names
Eternity is Jerusalem
The Jewish People
Parshat Bamidbar – The Purpose of a Hebrew Army
Jerusalem Day
Despite escalation, Jerusalem Day flag march to proceed as planned
MUST WATCH: Powerful video of Israeli elite forces protectively surrounding 92 year old Holocaust survivor!
Half-Million People Visited Jerusalem’s Western Wall Despite Tensions
Jewish History
WATCH Visit Israel: Massada
Gifts from the Holy Land
OFF THE BEATEN TRACK: Hot Springs of Tiberias
The Land of Israel
WATCH: Spectacular Dead Sea Overview
2022 Netanyahu Government
Smotrich in Paris: There is no such thing as a Palestinian people
TIME Names Jerusalem One of World’s Greatest Places