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# The Holy Land
Jerusalem Temple Mount
Radical cleric: We will not allow Ben Gvir to harm the sanctity of the Al-Aqsa Mosque
Jewish - Christian Ties
Nelson Cruz, Hispanic MLB players in Israel to promote Christian-Jewish relations
The Jewish People
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World’s oldest lice comb dug up in Israel
I Love Israel
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Israeli Elections 2022
After casting votes, parks, nature reserves beckon Israelis on their day off
The Jewish People
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Biblical Archaeology
Israeli-led study confirms biblical narratives with geomagnetic data
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Benjamin Netanyahu
WATCH: Netanyahu attended HaKafot celebrations
Israeli Holidays
Record 1.5 million Israelis visit national parks during Sukkot break
The Jewish People
Ancient Jewish practice of hakhel, gets a revival
Jerusalem Temple Mount
Israel’s police chief ‘happy’ Jews visiting Temple Mount
Judea & Samaria
Hundreds pray outside Shechem, terror hotspot
The Land of Israel
WATCH: Timeless Beauty in Israel’s Negev Desert!
Jewish Holidays
Watch: Yom Kippur & the streets are empty!
The Jewish People
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Israel as a role model for Arab countries, imagine that!
First evidence: The Canaanites used hard drugs