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# US News
US News
Handgun owners carrying daily in US doubled in 4 years; self-protection cited as main reason
BREAKING: Deadly shooting at a club in Colorado Springs - VIDEO
BREAKING: 3 University of Virginia athletes killed, alleged shooter in custody
The Iranian Threat
WATCH: US plans to expel Iran from UN Women’s Rights Commission
Israel News
Israeli Song-and-Dance Troupe to Return to US
US News
WATCH: US Approves SM-6 Missile Sale To Japan
The China Threat
China’s secret police have invaded American shores
US News
WATCH: Hurricane Ian turned EV's into Ticking Time Bombs
US Military Operation
US paratroops drop in Syrian town for operation
Jewish ‘Karate Kid’ Star Battles Bullying in Schools
US News
WATCH: ‘You loot, we shoot,’ Florida Gov. DeSantis warns
US Politics
Federal Obama judge rules against Stacey Abrams
First-of-its-Kind Israeli Electric Plane Takes Flight in US
US News
Hurricane Ian has arrived in Florida: Prayers from Israel for Florida - VIDEO
US News
NASA's DART spacecraft hits asteroid in planetary defense test
Radical Left
Soros-Funded Group Behind DeSantis Lawsuit
Iran Proxy: Hezbollah
US Court: Millions awarded to Hezbollah rocket victims
Tim Allen goes viral for Biden joke
DEVELOPING: Explosion at large apartment building reported in Chicago, Illinois – VIDEO
US News
Study: 55,800 Abortions Occur at 15 Weeks or Later Per Year