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Lone National Service Volunteers Enjoy a Relaxing Evening!

Over 20 Ori Bnot Sherut were shown some much-deserved love and enjoyed a sunset picnic- After this difficult year, these lone National Service volunteers deserved this beautiful and relaxing evening!

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IDF - Making a Difference!

The IDF is creating a new life model for people with autism in Israel, and making a difference!

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Israeli Life
Thousands of Israelis continued to "go south" over the weekend to strengthen the residents living there

About two weeks after the end of Operation "Guardian of the Walls", many came to the Israeli southern towns near the Gaza Strip to strengthen the residents and business owners. A convoy of 50 motorcyclists arrived at Kibbutz Nir Oz to express sympathy and support: "We came to show them that they are not alone and that we are all one people and nation."

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Israel's donation to Mongolia

Israel has donated protective equipment to assist Mongolia's health authorities combat coronavirus in the country.

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Israeli Organization Helps Give Communities in Africa Access to Clean Water

Israeli organization Innovation: Africa is helping millions of people across Africa access Israeli solar, water, and agricultural technologies. Thanks to their water projects across Cameroon, communities in the country now have access to clean and healthy drinking water. 

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Soldiers Donate Hair the Cancer Patients

These two IDF soldiers, Second Lt. Tal and Pvt. Yali, decided to donate their hair to cancer patients. What a beautiful initiative!

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"At the End You Will be Happy!"

Have you already watched the beautiful collaberation between Israel's #1 female singer and special needs IDF soldiers from Special in Uniform? In case you missed it, here it is: https://www.newsrael.com/posts/3mhfelq2nct

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Feel Good News
Special in Uniform & Eden Ben Zaken!

Eden Ben Zaken, Israel’s #1 pop star, X Factor winner and three-time titleholder of Israel’s Female Singer of the Year, with a breathtaking musical performance with a band of Special in Uniform - IDF soldiers with disabilities.

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Israel Advocacy
Helping Israel - with zero hidden agendas

Hayovel is a unique organization.

The volunteer organization, that lets people “experience Israel’s Biblical Heartland through faith-based volunteering,” has for the last 17 years has been bringing Christians from all over the world to Judea and Samaria to help with agriculture.

It was founded as a way to “help with the farmers, to help plant vineyards, the prophecy of Jeremiah.”

Arutz Sheva in an exclusive interview with Hayovel’s Joshua Waller and Luke Hilton, the Har Bracha-based hosts of The Joshua and Caleb Report, asked about the organization and what it is doing to help with agriculture in Judea and Samaria, and what their show is doing to champion the truth about Israel.

Hayovel is a Christian organization that believes “Christians have a responsibility to come and help the Jewish people and help the Nation of Israel with one goal, just to build up the land, support the people that are here and help the Nation of Israel thrive.”

However, they do not evangelize, ensuring their volunteers sign an official document stating that they will not proselytize while in Israel.

During their time working in the agricultural areas with volunteers, they’ve trained thousands of people, with 400 to 500 volunteers per year.

“They’re here for one purpose,” said Waller. “To see to the restoration of the land of Israel.”

He added, “It always bothers me that people talk about Judea and Samaria without (knowledge of the area). It’s one of the problem we have in the world.”

When volunteers finish the program, “they’re representing Israel from what they saw which is the most powerful.”

Hilton added that the anti-Israel elements of the mainstream media, which seems to be most of the media these days, do not like Hayovel. He cited the New York Times which said that “Hayovel is effectively obstructing the creation of a Palestinian state.”

They are worried by the media’s anti-Israel bias, and how that prevents people from knowing what is truly going on.

Their YouTube program, The Joshua and Caleb Report which is released once a week on Wednesdays, aims to expose “the big bluff in the media” where the mainstream media reports the “exact opposite of the truth.”

They use their show to teach Christians around the world what is really going on on the ground in Israel. “What’s really happening here, what you should know about it and how you should be connected.”

They recently began going out into the field to film in Judea and Samaria.

This week they encountered staged riots by Palestinian Arabs as arranged by Abbas and the PA.

Waller was on his way back from Jerusalem when he stopped his car as he witnessed a riot on the outskirts of Nablus. He jumped out of his car to check out what was going on.

“For an hour, I just observed this riot. Literally after a few minutes I realized that the whole thing was a staged skit, completely staged. I realized Abbas had already called for the riot. They were all sitting out there, the media (watching)… Ambulances circling into the riot were picking up uninjured people,” Waller said. “We saw people falling down, nothing had happened. The media all run over to them. They pick them up and put them into ambulances. Nothing had happened. We’re talking about people lying to the media, that is completely fabricated lies.”

No one in the international media is showing what’s really happening. So that’s what they aim to do with their show. To “turn the camera around to show what’s really going on” in Israel.

Waller said that while Hamas is a physical enemy, there is a battle against international anti-Israel sentiment that also needs to be waged.

“It’s an age old war that’s gone on against the Jewish people,” he said. “And that’s what we’re here to fight. We’re here to fight against anti-Semitism.”

The two men have been fighting against anti-Israel bias since they were 18 years old.

Hilton said, “There are millions of Christians and other people all over the world that support Israel but so many of them are deluged with the mainstream media that they don’t know what’s actually going on (in Israel).”

They are looking forward to the skies of Israel soon opening up so that Hayovel’s volunteers can begin travelling to Israel for their agricultural experiences.

They already have many volunteers from all over the world signed up.

“We do have many volunteers ready to come,” said Waller. “As soon as the skies open, it’s time to come.”

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Israelis donated more than NIS 30,000 in a matter of hours to a soldier from a poor family living in distress

There are a lot of caring Israelis!

"A." - now wrote to me that hundreds of people had transferred more than NIS 30,000 to him in total. What happiness to see the great mobilization for one soldier who is in trouble

A., a fighter in the IDF turned to me for help, and we are sharing his story: "I am struggling to remain a fighter and serve the country, but the economic situation at home is too difficult. My mother is very ill and can not work, I have little brothers and there is no way to pay rent or even food. The army helped but it is not enough and I feel lost.' 

Thanks to all helpful people!


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Made In Israel Daily Show
Volunteering for Israel!

Made in Israel

May 31st, 2021

Today's episode features StandWithUs' situation room, in which many volunteers join to advocate for Israel and spread the truth.

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Israel Advocacy
Retired Attorney Volunteers for Israel!

Retired US attorney Mark Werner has dedicated the last 18 years to volunteering on IDF bases around Israel and has no plans to stop. 

The son of a Holocaust survivor, Mark believes that Jews have an obligation to strengthen and support Israel. 

He is currently president of Volunteers for Israel and is the author of two books about his experiences volunteering with the IDF.

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People of Israel
Israeli volunteers bring cheer to IDF troops in the field

Volunteers from the "Together with our Soldiers" organization, in cooperation with Israeli Post Office workers, came to the Gaza Strip to hug the fighters and distribute cakes in honor of Shabbat.

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Same Job, Different Mission, One Family!

Do you support our special needs' IDF soldiers who serve in the Home Front Command?

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IDF Videos
Meet the IDF's New Special Needs' Soldiers!

The Most Inspiring Moment! Meet the IDF's newest soldiers on the autism spectrum that will take on key roles in the Army.

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Israel donates to NGO in Georgia
Israel donated toys & media equipment to a local NGO in Georgia, which supports vulnerable children and youth as part of Mashav's 'Shalom Club' initiative.
Thank you Israel! ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ
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IDF Volunteers

Special needs' soldiers in Israel love their country so much that they volunteer to serve in the IDF, despite being legally exempt from service!

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Arab woman receives kidney from a Jew killed in Lod

Yigal Yehoshua died after a brick was thrown at his head. One of his kidneys went to a Christian Arab woman and other organs to three other Israelis.

Deadly riots undermining the peaceful coexistence in the mixed Jewish and Arab city of Lod claimed the life of 56-year-old Jewish electrician Yigal Yehoshua on May 17. He died of head injuries sustained from a brick was thrown at him as he walked home from a Torah dedication ceremony.

But this tragic event led to a multicultural medical miracle as Yehoshua’s organs saved the lives of four patients.

Two Muslim surgeons at Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in Jerusalem successfully transplanted one of Yehoshua’s kidneys into a Christian Arab mother of six.

“Yigal will go straight to heaven, to a better place,” said the kidney recipient, 58-year-old Randa Aweis, after her surgery.

“Here we must all, Christians, Muslims and Jews, strive for peace. All of us. I can’t wait to host Yigal’s family in my home,” added Aweis, who had been awaiting a kidney transplant for nine years.

Dr. Abed Khalaileh, director of Hadassah’s Kidney Transplantation Service, performed the surgery with Dr. Ashraf Imam.

In an interview with Channel 12 news, Khalaileh thanked the family of the donor “in what was such an appalling situation” and expressed his wish for health and peace for all.

“Medicine in general and transplantation in particular symbolizes humanity,” Khalaileh said. “In this case, a woman received a new lease on life.”

Yehoshua’s other organs saved additional lives at other Israeli hospitals.

His second kidney was transplanted into a 67-year-old retired career soldier, his liver into a 22-year-old woman and his lungs into a 69-year-old man. Each of these patients had no other hope for survival.

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People of Israel
Volunteers help with bomb shelter cleanups in Ashdod

A group of students from Mechinat Tzahali in Ein Tzurim didn't know that their important work cleaning out unusable bomb shelters in Ashdod, southern Israel, would save several lives just hours later. After cleaning out a bomb shelter in one of the buildings, a rocket hit and its residents were able to take cover, saving their lives. Wow

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Jerusalem Prayer Team founder mobilizing support for Israel

Dr. Mike Evans, the founder of the Friends of Zion Heritage Center, visits Israel and pledges to continue helping the Jewish state and combating antisemitism.

Dr. Mike Evans, founder of the Friends of Zion Heritage Center in Jerusalem, the world's headquarters of the Jerusalem Prayer Team, arrived in Israel this week.

On Tuesday morning, Evans and his team headed to the south of Israel, where they met with police officers and municipality workers who showed them around the city of Ashkelon. They visited a house that was hit directly by a missile fired by Hamas. The house, which had been home to a Holocaust survivor and her aide, was in complete ruins. The Holocaust survivor was seriously injured, and her aide was killed in the attack.

The adjacent house was also heavily damaged, leaving a young woman and her baby without a home. After seeing this astonishing site Evans has said that he will mobilize financial support from the Jerusalem Prayer Team to help these people rebuild.

The team then went on to a shelter where they met with a group of children suffering heavily from anxiety and PTSD, children who were too afraid to leave the shelter to play outside on the playground just a few meters away. They had been in the shelter for eight days. The shelter is bare, with only thin old mattresses and old filthy chairs, no proper beds, no television for entertainment, no toys, no Wi-Fi to connect with the world outside. The mothers sit clustered around the entrance outside so that when the sirens ring out, they can be with their children within a few seconds. These children only have 12 to 15 seconds to get in once the sirens go off.

After seeing this shelter, Evans left with a promise: "Jerusalem Prayer Team will completely renovate the shelter into a place with beds, tables, TV's, internet access, and toys table chairs so that they will be able to use it even in times of peace. We did something similar for a shelter in Jerusalem for Holocaust survivors, who use it on a daily basis."

Following their visit to Sderot, Evans and his team headed to Sderot, a city whose name has become almost synonymous with rocket-fall. There, he met with Alon Davidi, the mayor of Sderot, who shared the heartbreaking story of his daughter Emunah who has suffered from PTSD for most of her life.

Davidi said, "I don't know any family in my city that does not have someone without post-trauma, in a city of 30,000 people." Evans has promised Mayor Davidi that he will share the tragic story of Emunah, and the many citizens of Sderot with his 77 million followers, and encourage them to support these people. Evans himself invited Davidi and his family to come and rest at his home.

The team then visited the site of a Chabad kindergarten that had been bombed just the day before. While there Evans asked the Rabbis, how many people from Sderot have fired missiles at Gaza, or threw grenades, or fired bullets? The answer, of course, was none. Evans plans to raise funds for Chabad, and to encourage all members of the Jerusalem Prayer Team to support their work.

In addition to the Friends of Zion Heritage Center, Evans is also the founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team, a movement with over 77 million followers, all dedicated to defending Israel's brand and combating antisemitism.

Just a few days before he arrived in Israel, Evans' Facebook page, Jerusalem Prayer Team, was attacked by radical Islamists, who flooded it with antisemitic and anti-Israel hate speech. The page, which was the largest pro-Israel page on Facebook, has been shut down.

"These days Israel is in a battle against media bias, therefore I decided to produce a major television special titled Guardians of the Wall, the name of Israel's military operation. The special will be given free to all Christian media through the works of the Israel Government Press Office, who sponsors annual global Christian Media Summit."

Christian broadcasters politicians, faith leaders, and celebrities, such as President of the CBN Network Gordon Robertson, former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, Governor Mike Huckabee, Pastor Robert Jeffress, Jon Voight, Pat Boone, Pastor Jack Graham and Pastor Paula White and a host of others will take part.

Evans stated, "In times like these, you know who your friends are. The 750 million Evangelicals whom I lead are Israel's secret weapon – 77 million of them are members of the Friends of Zion Museum, who follow and support the museum's activities and the Jerusalem Prayer Team Corporation."

Jokingly, he added, "A Jew, Mark Zuckerberg, shut the world's largest Christian pro-Israel site down that was praying for Jews. Now that should be on Saturday Night Live, John Oliver, Bill Maher, Chris Hardwick, James Corden, and  Seth Meyers' shows. So I hope the check is in the mail."

Evans is the founder of the Friends of Zion Heritage Center and the author of 108 books, which have sold over 38 million copies worldwide. He also served as Jerusalem Adviser to former US President Donald  Trump and he is also the driving force behind numerous initiatives supporting Israel, including the Jerusalem Prayer Team, which has 77 million members, and the Holocaust Memorial Museum Corrie ten Boom in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Source: Israel Today 
Video: FOZ

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