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# Yair Lapid
Lapid Caretaker Government
Rabbis call on Lapid to resign as prime minister
UK PM may move embassy to Jerusalem!
PM Lapid travels to NY for UN General Assembly
Operation "Breaking Dawn"
Lapid and Netanyahu are expected to hold an update meeting
Operation "Breaking Dawn"
Lapid: "We will remove the threats, it will take whatever it takes"
Israeli Elections 2022
Voter profiles of Yesh Atid, Likud diametrically opposed
Israeli Elections 2022
Poll: 100 days to the elections!
Lapid Caretaker Government
Lapid warns Russia on impact of shutting Jewish Agency
The Palestinian Authority
After Gantz: Herzog, Lapid both called "chairman" Abbas
Israeli Politics
State-funded: Translation rights to Lehi Lapid's book
Lapid Caretaker Government
Netanyahu calls Lapid to congratulate him
The Knesset
The Knesset has been dissolved - Elections will be on Nov. 1 2022
Iran Deal
Lapid to face competing pressures on Iran policy
Bennett-Lapid Government Crisis
Bennett mulling leaving government in next few days
European Appeasement
Lapid to Borrell: Iran trip shows a worrying disregard for Israel
Biden Administration Foreign Policy
Biden's visit: He must navigate Jerusalem with great political sensitivity
Israel - Turkey
Foreign Minister Lapid in Turkey [VIDEO]
Biden will do everything he can to help Lapid
US - Israeli Cooperation
Foreign Minister Yair Lapid spoke with Anthony Blinken
Biden Administration Foreign Policy
When Biden arrives, he will meet Lapid and not Bennett