Peace With Morocco
Israelis Look Forward to Visiting Morocco Morocco is a very special place. On the one hand, the most northwestern country in the African continent offers all the good that there is in this continent in general and in the Arab countries that inhabit it in particular. On the other hand, its proximity to Europe (less than 15 kilometers of sea separating Morocco from the tip of Europe) has imbued this monarchy with significant external influences and today Morocco is a great combination of cultures: including Jewish culture. The second-largest city in Morocco (after Casablanca) is particularly rich in Jewish history. Maimonides lived there for a time, and tourists can visit his former house. In Fez, there is also an ancient and large Jewish cemetery and a beautiful synagogue located in Malach, the Jewish Quarter. Source: Walla News ?? IF YOU LOVE ISRAEL - SHARE NEWSRAEL! ??
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