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Netanyahu: "Government drops in the polls - and busy with trying to pass Iranian law"

Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu today (Monday) attacked the law restricting tenure at the beginning of the faction's meeting:

"The government is going down in the polls, so it is trying to pass an Iranian law that should actually lead to a situation where whoever wins the election will not win the election."

Netanyahu is referring to the law that Justice Minister and political rival Gideon Sa'ar brought that a Prime Minister can serve only 8 years.


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Linda Erhardt 21:16 15.11.2021
Netanyahu has a huge heart for Israel.
Anna Payton 21:14 15.11.2021
Netanyahu is GOD in Heavens choice
Delma Domagalski 21:10 15.11.2021
Netanyahu is who GOD wants
darrel snider 21:03 15.11.2021
Needs this government over thrown by people of Israel
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