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'This will be close': Race forecaster reveals more bad news for Democrats

Fox News reports that The Cook Political Report adjusted its rating for another battleground race in favor of Republicans just days before Election Day, giving the GOP an edge in the Wisconsin Senate race.

They reported that the pollsters added that the political forecaster on Friday shifted the race between incumbent Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., and Democratic Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes from a toss-up to "Lean Republican."

"Like most elections in Wisconsin, this will be close, but voters should remember: Mandela Barnes is an extremist who wants more of the same Biden economic policies that have led to 40-year high inflation and record gas prices, and he wants to defund the police," Mike Marinella, spokesperson for the Johnson campaign, told Fox News Digital.

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Robin Murphy 09:27 05.11.2022
I'm voting all red this month to
La Jun 05:51 05.11.2022
Not going to close. It's going to be a Red Tsunami.