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VIDEO REPORT: Did Israel Take Over Palestine in 1948?

Farha is a new film on Netflix depicting Israeli forces murdering a Palestinian family during the 1948 war surrounding Israel’s creation has been condemned by Israeli officials as “creating a false narrative”. We are zooming out to give you a wider perspective of the events.

The land of Israel has been referred to by many different names throughout its history- Canaan, Judah, Judea, Israel and Palestine. Each of these names has deep historical significance based on the inhabitants or conquerors of the land. 
Though modern day Israel was established in a land known as Palestine, named by the Romans who took control in the Second Century CE, its inhabitants have been historically Jewish since biblical times. No matter where Jewish people live across the world, the land of Israel continues to be their homeland.

Source: Unpacked - YouTube

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Byron Scherer 19:05 10.12.2022
This is a several thousand year old problem the Jewish people created. When they went into the land they refused to posses all that G-d told them to posses an continue to not posses to this day.
Suzanne Aladjem 00:12 10.12.2022
People don’t want believe in the historical truth rather make films that demonise Israel
Mireille Danziger 21:16 09.12.2022
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