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Trump: Manhattan DA was paid ‘EXCESS OF ONE MILLION DOLLARS’ by George Soros

Absolute corruption. The billionaire has long been outspoken about his hatred of Trump.

President Donald Trump is calling out alleged corruption in New York linked to his potential indictment. He posted on Truth Social Monday, “District Attorney Alvin Bragg received in EXCESS OF ONE MILLION DOLLARS from Radical Left Enemy of ‘TRUMP,’ George Soros.”

The Daily Mail recently reported that Bragg received a $1 million dollar donation from the Color of Change PAC while running for office. The group is reportedly funded by George Soros and focuses on race-based liberal issues.

From the Daily Mail:

- Bragg received $1million from Soros-backed Color of Change PAC while running
- He had bragged about going after Trump and his family while in the AG’s office
- Bragg is one of dozens of progressive prosecutors proudly backed by Soros

Does the article interest you?
ROBERT DAVIDSON 03:37 28.03.2023
Why is this bastard communist still living in America? He and his family should be kick out. They are toxic. He hates our country and wants to destroy us using his $ to buy corrupt people
[email protected] 23:03 27.03.2023
What a disgusting individual ???!!!
Jeanne Ferguson 22:29 27.03.2023
I believe this. I agree with what Jeffrey Bakst says in his comments too. This man is out to destroy America and Isreal.
Jeffrey Bakst 21:14 27.03.2023
Soros is a dirty treasonous Nazi and is a murderer antiamerican anti semetic piece of garbage!! Why haven’t the jews taken this murderer out for killing so many Jews!! I guess a lot of Jews are worrie
KennyandKim Williams 20:50 27.03.2023
I believe that