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Iran on its Way to a Nuclear Weapon?

The International Atomic Energy Agency: Iran is accelerating its efforts to enrich uranium to an almost military level.

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Dino trump 16:05 18.08.2021
America won't do nothing. Except surrender all our weapons including Nukes to our friends China Iran and Russia, North korea
Judith Wilkerson 05:11 18.08.2021
Israel & USA have the finest spy network.Both know of their alliance. China is starting to flex it’s muscle so USA wants to stop them before Iran & Russia get involved which leads to WW3. Shalom.
Judith Wilkerson 04:57 18.08.2021
Taliban. The USA’s intelligence knew that China, Russia, Iran backed the Taliban up & had joined forces without acknowledging it. Israel’s & the USA’s spies & Israel’s ar
Judith Wilkerson 04:49 18.08.2021
protected the Taliban as well as gave them the where withal to capture Afghanistan. Afghans surrendered so easily because they knew they could have not stopped them w/ Iran & Russia sponsoring the
Judith Wilkerson 04:46 18.08.2021
Starting war w/ Israel & after that going to start a war w/ the USA. Israel & USA both know Russia is involved w/ everything going on. Russia, Iran & several other nations kept & protected the Tal
Judith Wilkerson 04:43 18.08.2021
Israel may put a stop to it. I am assuming but I think the USA left Afghanistan(leaving them to be enslaved/tortured/killed),with the intent of being prepared to stop China & Iran from starting war
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